Yoga Teaching update 2011

learn to be a yoga teacher in Brisbane, with Susan Wanmer

Yoga trainees…..

Yoga Teacher Training update 2011 in case you are wondering about my silence. I have 4 areas of professional development that I was working on last year, but the flood has wiped out my free time and free thinking. I won’t hide the fact that not the flood, but the months of uncertainty and loss of control following have had a very big effect on me.

 I have been staying true to my feminine and taking small steps as I am able. The Studio itself has been open for a few weeks now, and this week I ran my first Yoga BootCamp for the year as I finally felt strength enough physically, mentally and emotionally, to take on a group again.

 This period of time has driven me back to basics. For months, my body has ached from the lack of movement combined with stress. I could feel the muscles, fascia and everything tightening due to stress and was unable to do more to prevent it. I was able to mentally note my body adapting to the new lifestyle, but couldn’t do more physical asanas. I was able to go back to my yamas and niyamas and observe how I responded. I was able to meditate and give myself strength and stability in the face of uncertainty and chaos. I was able to do joint mobilisation and subtle movements for the spine and whole body which kept me afloat.

 Yoga Bootcamp heading into week two, I feel strong, buoyant, and able to schedule around my PD commitments interstate. I have also been reworking the Yoga Teacher Training manual, competencies, and structure ever since I’ve had the new computer.

 So there hasn’t been much apparent movement, but lots happening under the surface! Stay tuned – or send me a smessage as I am rebuilding all my records from scratch.

I have set myself the goal of having sme of the Yoga Teacher Training modules scheduled bythe new financial year 0from 1 July). Itrust you are well, and have received my email about the Tuesday and Thursday class opportunities at Milton Yoga Studio.

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