Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Not only for yoga teachers, this workshop on Saturday 11 February 2012 is for anyone who needs to hone their professional skills to demonstrate or teach something to a group in an engaging way that inspires them to want more of what you offer!   Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Part of the workshop is a public yoga class offered at 2pm ( invite everyone you know so they can book in – just $8). The class is used to illustrate certain points, but the same techniques are used even if you are a natural therapist who wants to do seminars, or talks to help build your business, or even someone who has a hobby and wants to hold a photo exhibition or something.

Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane Mega Leap Year Special
Yoga Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Development Days, or Mentoring Days (same content – it differs depending on whether you attend just the workshop, or if you are in my Yoga Coaching, or Yoga Mentoring programs) are about up-skilling you as a person. This is your opportunity to become the most clear, best person you can, so you clients get an uncluttered, vibrant, energised, and confident person creating a safe learning, experiencing environment for them, and delivering great information.

In other words – you know what you have to offer, don’t let lack of presentations skills hold your gift back from people receiving it.

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

This Saturday 11 February 11.30 – 5pm workshop, will help you to teach a yoga class if you are just starting, and is not based on your technical skills of yoga (or other modality), but how you present it.

Not to be missed, I am offering a Mega Leap Year Bonus or a two-for-one special. The usual price for this workshop is $175. For the Leap Year Specials, you can attend with a friend for the $175 price – OR, if you attend alone, pay just $95 for the workshop, including the class. Do you know someone who could benefit from  this important training? Pass this info on to them as well!

Love to answer any questions you may have. contact me on (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441, or   Susan Wanmer

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