Yoga Teacher Training – your set texts

Hello trainees!

I will provide course notes for every module and give you links to pertinent information on the web. There are two set texts for your Yoga Training. One is the best YOGA  Anatomy and Physiology book on the planet and it was authored here in Australia by Simon Borg-Olivier and Biance Machliss.

Best way to purchase it is directly through their site     It is available both as hard copy and pdf – I have both and use them differently. Thanks to my students who wanted to buy directly from them rather than through Amazon – yes the price is the same and thank you for your desire to honour the authors and put the money back to dedicated Australian yogis who did so much research for us. 

The second is The Kybalion. You can buy the hard copy [make sure you get the original by the three initiates published in 1912], or you can see it online at this site in English:  

When you attend the YogaPhil module, I will direct you more specifically to Indian traditional texts.

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