Yoga Coaching. Yoga Mentoring

What is Yoga Coaching, or Yoga Mentoring?

I know you want to see that “I Love Yoga” look on people’s faces…[you know that look don’t you – a sort of smile, glow and shiny happy eyes]. It’s what we live for as Yoga Teachers – helping people feel wonderful in their bodies and in their lives. Do you want to know that you could create that look through the experience you offer even if you teach people who are completely new to Yoga.

Think of Mentoring as a ‘finishing school for your Yoga Teacher Training. Actually – I don’t really know what a finishing school is except from what I have seen in the movies. I do know, however, that many people finish their yoga teacher study often feeling a lack of confidence to teach, or to teach effectively.


There is so much to know about teaching classes. It is probably the hardest task to do, and yet it is the one yoga teachers often start off with. ‘Just teaching a class or two to start off..” I often hear this.

Groups love, and respond well to, facilitators who are confident and heart-centered. They also need to see that you are real. Authenticity is important. But what do you do if you are authentically shy, not sure about your gig, or don’t know the venue or the group?

Here is partial list of some techniques which combine to make you a successful and safe group facilitator. Depending on where you are at, and what you need to develop you fastest, I will tailor-make your Mentoring experience for you drawing from this database of skills:

  • Your Presence
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Pace
  • Humour
  • Confidence
  • Languaging
  • Articulation [that’s words, not joints!]
  • Volume and speed of your Vocal Cues
  • Learning Styles
  • Hand Gestures [that’s instructing, not mudras!]
  • How you Guage Trust
  • How you Guage Ability
  • Strategies for Speedy Group Risk Management
  • How you Meet Needs of Attendees – spoken and unspoken…. and much much more.

Are you prepared to be challenged? Are you prepared to have fun stepping up and stepping out of your usual comfort zone and into a more professional way of teaching and instructing.

With me by your side, you will develop yourself –  it is all about Presence, Confidence and Connection.

This is a rubber-meets-the-road chance to improve your skills and receive feedback and try again until you reach a new level. Safe, fun, challenging, growth-enhancing for you. Good facilitation is about putting yourself completely aside to be there for your participants. (It is the true nature of ‘service’ :)

Radically Limited Numbers: I am limited in the number of trainees I can work with each quarter. I need small numbers as my interaction with you is very personal.

Mentoring isn’t about your yoga technique, but abut connecting to the diverse people you share yoga (or other movement ) with. I will, however, work on your technique as there are definite ways to tweak your technique for the general public to provide low-risk quality yoga. I can work with you irrespective of your style of yoga or how long you have been teaching.

Mentoring packages are open to anyone just recently qualified, facilitating groups other than yoga [great way to start], or if you are a veteran. Not based on how ‘good’ your yoga is, how flexible you are, or how long you have been doing yoga, this is based on how much of a good time can you give your group.


To find out your next step, contact Susan WANMER personally on 0410 570 441, or via the Contact page. Hurry, spots close fast and we need to have a ‘coffee chat’ to see if we are a good match. Mentoring has to be as much fun as possible as it is a collaborative and life-changing experience in my hands! [Testimonials tell me so :)]