Yoga Coaching/ Mentoring on Sale!

Hurray! June is my celebratory Birthday Month, so I am offering a selection of my favourite services to you on Sale. A collaborative, close, handwoven training experience, with a Yoga Trainer who has over 30 years experience in movement with groups facilitation. Over 20 of those years have been in Yoga for everyone from the professional athletes, opera singers, the elderly, and right down to the dog – seriously!

The last offer, today on my birthday, is my packages for Yoga Coaching or Yoga Mentoring

I have space for a couple of people only this month. Contact me!

What’s the difference? Really they are interchangeable, but I suggest Yoga Coaching if you are still learning about Yoga. If you have completed a Yoga Teacher Training and want to fasttrack your way to becoming a polished, confident and effective teacher, then Yoga Mentoring is the way to go.

If you want to be confident, professional, and handle your groups with ease, this is for you. If you really care for people and want to give them your very best, I will help you ‘get over yourself’. Plus, I will be with you as you take the steps into becoming a quality facilitator. We can debrief, do feedback, and I will buffer and support you if you have doubts or critics. If you like to do things well, and like quality in your life, we’ll get on! [The sale applies to my Medium and Premium packages until those spots book out.] 

Now – I am assuming you are reading this as you are familiar with my teaching, reputation, have read articles, or seen me in action and you want to go straight to ‘coffee’…….HOWEVER..

If I am making an assumption, and you don’t know me by word of mouth or reputation, then youre welcome to send me an email enquiry asking whatever you need to see if You would want to work with ME as your Mentor. However, do it quickly so we don’t lose the spot as it frees up, assuming that you and I will be working together 🙂

To see if we can go ahead, there is a little ‘coffee catchup’ so we see if our ideas match. The mentoring and coaching journey is very fulfilling and we work closely because it is like an intensive [minimum three months, but more is fine].

There are just 3 spots freeing up in July, so if you are interested in taking your teaching to a Professional Quality, then contact me quickly. There is no obligation for the ‘coffee chat’  – I would simply prefer to meet you face-to-face [or Skype if we are working long distance], than by phone.

A quick phone call is the best way to start and I can tell you straight away if we can make a ‘chat’ time. Call me on 0410 570 441. Any day after midday, and I should be able to get back to you by the next day.

My Skype is SusanWanmer.