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  1. Duncan Peak, Simon Borg-Olivier, are both featured on the above video. There is a belief that Australian Yoga is the highest level in the world with regards to adaptability to the individual, and risk management to prevent injuries.

    Hello Claron – Forr my contribution towards Australian Yoga, –I have developed a modular style of yoga teaching. There are 14 modules in all,and module 14 may be as little as 10 hours or as much as 150 – depending on the outcome you want.

    Step one is to enrol in the Module One workshop on this weekend Saturday 17 April 2010. This is a 5 hour workshop where I will touch on all aspects of the yoga teacher training. It serves as an intro for you, but as a five hour ‘overview’ workshop for those wanting to start or refresh their yoga practice.

    I am putting together a powerpoint presentation which will be posted on the web Saturday evening.

    As you are attending Yoga STRETCH BootCamp, the “99 Tips” workshop is 10% off just for you!

    Warm regards,

    Susan Wanmer/ Milton Yoga Studio and WorkLIFEbalance Australia
    (07) 3369 7404

  2. Hi Susan, I am really keen to enrol in your yoga teacher training sessions. Please send me more information about how I can do this? Cheers, Claron

  3. Yoga video above is inspirational! Have you watched it? I am very blessed to have Simon Borg-Olivier as both mentor and friend – it is Simon who ends the whole video and i must say that I call him ‘Australia’s National Liveing Treasure of Yoga” . ‘Treas’ for short! But, obviously others think the same because whenever there is a project that calls for yoga, people think of
    Simon straight away.

    Yoga Teacher Training starts with the first module you are available. No 1 for 2010 starts 17 April at 10am and I have called it “99 TIPS on Yoga for $99”. It serves as an intro as well as an overview. yogis@susanwanmer.com.au if you want more details. (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441.

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