Image shows a yoga handstand at Susan Wanmer's Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat. Yoga, Meditations.

Urban Retreat. Yoga, Wellness, Meditations.

Too busy to go on Retreat, but you want the benefits. Like to do Yoga everyday so that it builds your vitality? Want to start Meditations, or to deepen, but don’t have the time? Holidays behind you now and the year is stretching out in front of you…?

Susan Wanmer
Susan Wanmer leading a Tropical Retreat. This is feel of the Yoga you will be doing on your exotic Urban Retreat!

You can have the ‘Retreat’ experience and still go into your working day, or get the kids to school with this ‘Urban Retreat’ [non-residential], in Brisbane.

See the photo of the Tropical Retreat? We are going to use guided imagery, meditations, visualisation added to your ‘Retreat Checklist’ and daily yoga to create your very own retreat experience*.

Every attendee who books for the week, will receive their very own checklist by Sunday 30th, with extra tips of how to make the most of the Urban Retreat week.

Then, just turn up at either of the early morning timeslots and prepare to enjoy carefully worked out Yoga – perfect for this time of year. Different guided Meditations daily will enhance your mind/body experience.

Dates: Mon 1 – Thurs 4 February 2016 [Plus bonus by email Sunday and Friday to start and finish].

  • Times: Choose 5.40 am, or 7 am. Sessions run 1 hour 10 mins.
  • Location: ‘WorkLifeBalance’ 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane
  • Price: $97 for the Retreat [bring a friend, and pay just $87]
  • Booking: Click here!

Wear your workout gear. Details of what to eat before the sessions will be part of your checklist. If you have any questions, just contact me on 0410 570 441.

*The Urban Retreat concept is a non-residential retreat.