Image show Luxury Retreat pool for yoga sessions

‘The Minims Rest’ – Create Work/ LifeBalance

Imagine yourself sitting on wide verandahs looking out over the mountains. In the mornings, you will hear the native birds chirping. As the sun gets stronger, crickets are in your ears. You are protected from the heat inside the luxury eco-mansion with its high ceilings and wide traditional Australian wooden verandahs.

Image showsWide Wooden Verandah suits Yoga Classes to greet the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.
Wide Wooden Verandahs give you spaces to sit, to reflect. If you choose to, join the Yoga session which greets the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.



Picture a weekend where you create Time, and Space in your mind. A weekend where you truly have the chance to catch-up with yourself. You are resting, reflecting, letting down, unwinding. As the tiredness of your busy life hits you with a wave of exhaustion, a fresh juice and some gently regenerative yoga gently brings you into a natural, healthy, sustainable sense of energy, vitality and serenity. Suddenly, things don’t have changed gears, and you are learning how to do this in your everyday life.

Yoga to prep you for Christmas season.
Yoga for Work/ life Balance – every body catered for! 


A Minim Rest in music is a PAUSE  for 2 beats where ‘nothing’ happens. Music is so often used as an example for our lives. The most common analogy is that ‘without the pause between the notes, there would just be sound – there would be NO music, no melody’.

Is your life just sound, just the noisiness of lists of things to do, working, going from your shoulds and wondering about what you ‘could’ be doing differently?

THE Minim Rest (r) is a structured program for wellness, work/ life balance that is tailored to you specifically. It is an experience for you where you can place of part your life on hold, so that the ‘music’ – the healing part of your life gets to surface. What does that mean? It means that unless you allow the busy part of you to let down, then sickness is inevitable as this is the only down time available. If not sickness (and by that – have you had a holiday, or a few days off and spend the first few days getting ‘sick’) – then perhaps it is tension.

Muscular tension – sore neck, sore back, stiff muscles, creaking joints, are all a sign that your body is holding itself braced, ready for action – all the time.  For ‘balance’ your body needs to let down, let go. Not letting down becomes a cycle, and looking for solutions for muscle tightness are patching a symptom. In my experience, most people do not actually want stretching, they want FREEDOM.

Do you want the feeling of freedom you get in your body and your mind when you have have some time off, some time out, done some gentle movement, eaten some good food? Then, with my expert guidance on the Saturday and the Sunday – and the 8 weeks we will continue this ‘challenge’ in my follow-up, this is ‘The Minim Rest’ we will create for you.

See yourself having the Time-out you crave, need, and deserve. Join Susan Wanmer for your very own ‘Minim Rest’ – Saturday, Sunday 10 – 11 October

Book here for your spot $875    $475 for the 2 days with your implementation free as a bonus [valued at $897]  Value $1773 – Pre-launch price for 10 – 11 October $475. Click Here.

Drive from Brisbane CBD – an easy 35 minutes on gorgeous roads as you approach the venue. Choose a B + B in the Samford Valley to stay overnight. Or for the next 3 spaces remaining to receive the Pre-launch bonus of accommodation at the venue.

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 for all enquiries if you need more information!