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Yoga that anyone can do!

Yoga Autumn Program for ‘Zest’!

Oh yum, oh yum, oh yum. Are you like me, and do you Love this time of year in Brisbane? I am itching (in a good way), to bring the new Yoga Program to you. Yoga Autumn Zest promises that your body will leave with a renewed sense of energy/ zest for this change of season. Have you noticed that, like clockwork, the most beautiful time of year is upon us? Change of light, warm days, snuggly nights. This is time to work your body in a way it wards offf sniffles, create mobility, increase your immune function. It is also a wonderful time of preparation in Yoga. Not too hot, not yet in hibernation mode!

Image shows group in Yoga Zest program
Yoga Autumn ZEST!

Starts from Monday 13th April, runs for 2 weeks – till 23 April at two early morning timeslots 5.45 am, or 7 am.

Days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Choose 2 weeks, either week, or Casual pass. Remember these are not just generic ‘classes’. This is a specialised small group training where I have a written Zest Program and that combines with your needs and abilities for maximum results. I shape the yoga to you. How can I do that? Well, I have been creating these recipes in my Yoga ‘Kitchen’ using your body’s needs and sound yoga technique as my ingredients for over 20 years. I can draw on my experience to move and shift quickly on my feet to give you what you exactly want the day you walk in!

Remember – 2 Timeslots available. Choose either 5.45 am – 6.45 am, or  7 am – 8 am.

 Booking in here :http://susanwanmer.com.au/product/yoga-clinic-2-weeks/

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Not only for yoga teachers, this workshop on Saturday 11 February 2012 is for anyone who needs to hone their professional skills to demonstrate or teach something to a group in an engaging way that inspires them to want more of what you offer!   Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Part of the workshop is a public yoga class offered at 2pm ( invite everyone you know so they can book in – just $8). The class is used to illustrate certain points, but the same techniques are used even if you are a natural therapist who wants to do seminars, or talks to help build your business, or even someone who has a hobby and wants to hold a photo exhibition or something.

Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane Mega Leap Year Special
Yoga Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Development Days, or Mentoring Days (same content – it differs depending on whether you attend just the workshop, or if you are in my Yoga Coaching, or Yoga Mentoring programs) are about up-skilling you as a person. This is your opportunity to become the most clear, best person you can, so you clients get an uncluttered, vibrant, energised, and confident person creating a safe learning, experiencing environment for them, and delivering great information. Continue reading Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

I am often asked what sort of yoga I teach, and often critised by people for being too physical in my approach, or too spiritual depending on the person’s belief systems. Unravelling yoga and the teaching of yoga is not an easy task and one that I take seriously.

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training - awareness

This post is simply to provide a link to an article on chakras that is quite clearly explained. I do believe strongly that ancient traditions should be taken seriously and that certain practices exist for a reason – even if they don’t make sense to us.

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

An excerpt from the article is quite sobering:   ” According to much contemporary spiritual literature, and the field of Transpersonal Psychology, it is not considered wise to engage in any of these practices without the guidance of a credible teacher or without thorough psychological preparation and education in yoga. Any form of intense contemplative or spiritual practice without the support of a cultural context, or without the support of thorough psychological preparation, is usually considered to be unfortunate, and in some cases even dangerous. ”

“Traditional teachers of kundalini meditation also warn neophytes of the potential dangers of experimenting with kundalini Yoga techniques. These warnings should not be underestimated. A growing body of clinical and psychological literature notes the growing occurrence of meditation-related problems in Western contemplative life. Among these we find the Kundalini Syndrome (which is presented more closely later in this article) and different forms of “wind illness” described in the Tibetan tradition.”

Yoga and chakras

Western technology eventually catches up with Eastern understanding, and in the 1980s, two machines were developed to measure and verify meridians and chakras in the body. The books which followed these studies by Japanese scientist Motoyoma help us as yoga practitioners to make informed choices when deciding for ourselves what to include and what to exclude from our practice.

For the rest of the article, click here: http://www.crystalinks.com/kundalini.html

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training will encourage you to look at the big picture, become informed, place your yoga in the context of where you are and respect the traditional lineage. This is a serious post, the training takes place in weekend modules where we equally have a lot of fun whilst learning. 

yogis@susanwanmer.com.au for more info about the 205 – 350 hour yoga training. You can start any month.

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

Anatomy and Physiology with Simon Borg-Olivier [YogaSynergy] in Brisbane this weekend 12 – 14 November and next weekend 19 – 21 November!

Attend the two Anatomy and Physiology Immersions (18 hours for each weekend – they are separate – you don’t have to attend the first to attend the second) in Brisbane.

And/ or come to any of the 5 days of workshops ‘Inside Simon’s Personal Practice’ Yoga Intensive in Byron Bay. You can do as little as a day session in Byron (3.5 hours), or combine a weekend training in Brisbane with Byron. Whatever you do – don’t miss him. His events with me in Brisbane are uniquely different from his offerings anywhere else on the planet. November 12 – 14 and 19 – 21 for Brisbane Anatomy and 15 – 19 for Byron Bay.

There are more details and map for the venue on these posts http://susanwanmer.com.au/category/simon-borg-olivier-anatomy-and-physiology-yoga-teacher-training/

Learn secrets of anatomy to build strength, stretch and stay injury-free

FLYER:   Secrets of Yoga Intensives

2010 – places available now (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology ‘what to bring’

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology weekends ‘what to bring’

   Simon Borg-Olivier. Yoga. Brisbane, Byron Bay                      

Brisbane Anatomy and Physiology Immersion 

usual yoga gear and mat

if you are a note taker, bring your notebook. Simon will provide a summary of key points.

bolster/ cushion for sitting on the floor 

if you can’t bring stuff, please let us know so we can bring gear from the Yoga Studio

food for lunch and if you need snacks, bring them. Simon won’t really stop for breaks other than lunch!

lunch break will be 1.5 hours except Sunday 14th because of Yoga Aid

Socks, light covering for temperature changes – clothing you can peel off (you know, the usual)