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Yoga that anyone can do!

Yoga Autumn Program for ‘Zest’!

Oh yum, oh yum, oh yum. Are you like me, and do you Love this time of year in Brisbane? I am itching (in a good way), to bring the new Yoga Program to you. Yoga Autumn Zest promises that your body will leave with a renewed sense of energy/ zest for this change of season. Have you noticed that, like clockwork, the most beautiful time of year is upon us? Change of light, warm days, snuggly nights. This is time to work your body in a way it wards offf sniffles, create mobility, increase your immune function. It is also a wonderful time of preparation in Yoga. Not too hot, not yet in hibernation mode!

Image shows group in Yoga Zest program
Yoga Autumn ZEST!

Starts from Monday 13th April, runs for 2 weeks – till 23 April at two early morning timeslots 5.45 am, or 7 am.

Days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Choose 2 weeks, either week, or Casual pass. Remember these are not just generic ‘classes’. This is a specialised small group training where I have a written Zest Program and that combines with your needs and abilities for maximum results. I shape the yoga to you. How can I do that? Well, I have been creating these recipes in my Yoga ‘Kitchen’ using your body’s needs and sound yoga technique as my ingredients for over 20 years. I can draw on my experience to move and shift quickly on my feet to give you what you exactly want the day you walk in!

Remember – 2 Timeslots available. Choose either 5.45 am – 6.45 am, or  7 am – 8 am.

 Booking in here :http://susanwanmer.com.au/product/yoga-clinic-2-weeks/

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441

Susan Wanmer helps you discover your love of yoga and wellness through her consultations and coaching. Brisbane, online.

Yoga as your ‘Task-Master’!

“Yoga is your Task Master”, I often tell my enthusiastic trainees….

What does that mean? It means that ‘Yoga’ in all its wisdom, will work on your body, mind, and ‘stuff’. You do not need to add yourself to the [Hatha] yoga that you do. The poses, and your mindset do the work for you. If you are familiar with the “No Pain, No Gain’ marketing indoctrination around your exercise, you will have some unlearning to do when you start yoga.

Yoga Wants All of YOU!
Yoga Wants All of YOU!

I am deliberately personalising Yoga when I speak of it, because in my experience, it is as though Yoga has a mind of its own. The requirement of us as students, is that we yield or surrender to ‘Yoga’. Yielding and surrendering are not popular concepts in the West. We are encultured to compete, lead, conquer, win, achieve, dominate, control, and a whole lot more. 

Adding ourselves – our own effort – to yoga is a little like thinking we know the Mind of God. How can we know the wisdom of the body. How on earth can we possibly hear and know all that we need. How can we foresee what is coming and prepare for it? We can’t. In our short-sightedness and lack of overview, we can only work on one aspect of ourselves. If our belief systems are not up-to-date, and if we apply yoga poses with an ‘achievement’, or ‘conquest’ mindset, we risk burning out, or injuring part of us. I have seen this time and time again.

Yoga is most effective when you relax your nervous system so there is not over-stimulation. Then be mindful of any extra effort, and ‘letting down’ is essential as well.

Your poses should be relaxed, but active – working you just outside your usual range of movement and usual comfort zone.

‘Rules’ of Yogic Practice

Work your Yoga Poses at the truthful level of your energy and ability.

Enter Hatha Yoga with your mind set to ‘enquiry’. Make each pose an enquiry as to what is going on, and how you feel. You do not need to answer or problem-solve. Just listening and observing with kindness creates a loving relationship with self.

Your breath is a really honest indicator of what is going on. If your breath changes too much, becomes harsh, then you have pushed yoga. Yoga will push back. It follows an irrefutable Law. So, listen for your breathing. Make sure it is soft, not raspy. Catch yourself when you are in the habit of holding your breath.

Seek to be ‘Firm, but Calm’ in your Yoga Poses….Active but Relaxed. That will make your Yoga sustainable and nourishing for your body, mind and self.

Susan Wanmer leads Yoga Retreats, highlights issues that challenge compassion and empathy and trains yoga teachers.
Susan Wanmer. Senior Facilitator in Wellness, Yoga, Work/ Life Balance Coaching and Mentoring.

Like to find out more? Yoga Instructor Training is available online, or group from late February 2014. Yoga Teacher Training resumes the next round in 2016. Find out more from Susan Wanmer, Yoga Leader and Senior Teacher susanwanmer@gmail.com








Yoga Teaching update 2011

learn to be a yoga teacher in Brisbane, with Susan Wanmer

Yoga trainees…..

Yoga Teacher Training update 2011 in case you are wondering about my silence. I have 4 areas of professional development that I was working on last year, but the flood has wiped out my free time and free thinking. I won’t hide the fact that not the flood, but the months of uncertainty and loss of control following have had a very big effect on me.

 I have been staying true to my feminine and taking small steps as I am able. The Studio itself has been open for a few weeks now, and this week I ran my first Yoga BootCamp for the year as I finally felt strength enough physically, mentally and emotionally, to take on a group again.

 This period of time has driven me back to basics. For months, my body has ached from the lack of movement combined with stress. I could feel the muscles, fascia and everything tightening due to stress and was unable to do more to prevent it. I was able to mentally note my body adapting to the new lifestyle, but couldn’t do more physical asanas. I was able to go back to my yamas and niyamas and observe how I responded. I was able to meditate and give myself strength and stability in the face of uncertainty and chaos. I was able to do joint mobilisation and subtle movements for the spine and whole body which kept me afloat.

 Yoga Bootcamp heading into week two, I feel strong, buoyant, and able to schedule around my PD commitments interstate. I have also been reworking the Yoga Teacher Training manual, competencies, and structure ever since I’ve had the new computer.

 So there hasn’t been much apparent movement, but lots happening under the surface! Stay tuned – or send me a smessage as I am rebuilding all my records from scratch.

I have set myself the goal of having sme of the Yoga Teacher Training modules scheduled bythe new financial year 0from 1 July). Itrust you are well, and have received my email about the Tuesday and Thursday class opportunities at Milton Yoga Studio.

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

Anatomy and Physiology with Simon Borg-Olivier [YogaSynergy] in Brisbane this weekend 12 – 14 November and next weekend 19 – 21 November!

Attend the two Anatomy and Physiology Immersions (18 hours for each weekend – they are separate – you don’t have to attend the first to attend the second) in Brisbane.

And/ or come to any of the 5 days of workshops ‘Inside Simon’s Personal Practice’ Yoga Intensive in Byron Bay. You can do as little as a day session in Byron (3.5 hours), or combine a weekend training in Brisbane with Byron. Whatever you do – don’t miss him. His events with me in Brisbane are uniquely different from his offerings anywhere else on the planet. November 12 – 14 and 19 – 21 for Brisbane Anatomy and 15 – 19 for Byron Bay.

There are more details and map for the venue on these posts http://susanwanmer.com.au/category/simon-borg-olivier-anatomy-and-physiology-yoga-teacher-training/

Learn secrets of anatomy to build strength, stretch and stay injury-free

FLYER:   Secrets of Yoga Intensives

2010 – places available now (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Byron Bay

Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Byron Bay

Simon will be teaching his Yoga Synergy 5 Elements vinyasas (routines) in Byron from Monday 15 – 19 November 2010.

If you want info about Byron click on this link for the pdf copy of the local paper. Check out Simon’s ad for Byron on page 15!  http://www.echo.net.au/archives/full_versions/Echo_25_23.pdf

If you have booked in with me already, I am preparing a kit with your ticket, the address, times, mudmap and a little more detail.

If your not sure – contact me, otherwise I am on to it and you will hopefully receive your info wednesday.

(07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Susan Wanmer