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Image shows the Aqua Yoga group practicing the Art of Relaxation in the clear blue Pool.

Teach AQUA YOGA! Learn How Here.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in AQUA YOGA. This Weekend Certificate Course is open to Yoga Teachers & Yoga Teaching Trainees. You will be able to teach Aqua Yoga upon Successful Completion of this Intensive.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan Wanmer
Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan WANMER

Yoga Teachers and Trainees! Expand your Teaching Opportunities with Professional and very Popular Aqua Yoga Training. FEATURED at the Yoga Australia Conference 2016, and available to a limited number at Sunshine Coast, Australia in October 2016.

Using Susan Wanmer’s Specially adapted Methodology, you will quickly learn to assess your group for risk and injury. You will easily decide which Yoga Asanas to adapt for your Group on any given day, making each class perfect for your students! Expand your teaching repetoire. Earn more money by offering private Aqua Yoga sessions at your student’s homes or Public pools. Non-Yoga Studio people are attracted to the water environment because the support and low impact for sore joints, injuries, or bigger students just makes sense.

Help your students build confidence, learn the essence of Yoga asana, breath, mindset, meditation/ relaxation immersed in the wondrous medium of water!

Get creative! You can carefully transition your students onto land using my same, therapeutic Teaching methodology.

SUNSHINE COAST PILOT GROUP PRICE Discounted . Offered only at the Intensive: 1 – 2 OCTOBER 2016.


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Australian Aqua Yoga - Susan Wanmer. Image shows students working their core in the pool.

Aqua Yoga – Best Yoga in the World!

Why is Aqua Yoga the Best Yoga in the World? Well, I am being a little cheeky with the title, but it was a quick way of saying Aqua – the water element is divine, and Yoga….well enough said about how glorious yoga is. Put those two together and you have the BEST yoga or water experience in the world!

Any body suits my Aqua Yoga. Join me for the new Summer series that are now sponsored by Brisbane City Council. Join me any Wednesday at 10 am Ithaca Pool right up until 23 March 2016.

It only costs $5.20 for the pool entry as the class is sponsored, and you can stay on for a swim, a read by the pool, a sunbake….Contact me personally if you have any questions about what I teach, and if it would be okay for your body.

Susan Wanmer Aqua Yoga 0410 570 441. Click here for the MAP.

Australian Aqua Yoga - Susan Wanmer. Image shows students working their core in the pool.
Susan Wanmer’s Aqua Yoga method Recently featured in Nature and Health Magazine.  Australian Aqua Yoga – Susan Wanmer.