Spiritual texts – The Kybalion

For those of you who are scared of your spiritual self, I sum it up broadly as the sum total of the part of you that is not your physical, or mental, or emotional self. In kinesiology we called that the Essential self, or the X -factor meaning [stuff we can’t name – that was before the tv series].

In the Yoga Training we honour the lineage that has come through India and the influence of china and the martial arts – but we need to contextualise that in history and integrate that understanding into the whole planet. So, I have chosen the Kybalion as a set text as it contains 7 Principles which you can find in nature. If you can find it in nature, you will find reference to it in all religions, all cultures, all nationalities, all eras.

Plus – our new age, western spiritually lacks the anchor of traditional and I think it is important to ground our sprirituality. So, for the Susan Wanmer school to go forward with a congruent set of ethics which are inclusive of others and differing beliefs, there needs to be some kind of common denominator. In the Yoga Teacher Training program, you will be lead to the traditional and sacred texts that are the root of the yogic tradition. The Kybalion will take you back even further.

For this reason the Kybalion – Seven Principles has been chosen as an essential text as its seven principles are found in all religions, living and dead.   You can buy it as hard copy through Amazon, or you can find a free version of the original in English:

 http://fliiby.com/file/242518/r3xit5n7tg.html   .    By the way, whether you are part of my Yoga Teacher Training or not – if you agree or disagree with me, please feel free to leave your comment, won’t you.


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