Simon Borg-Olivier slows his Heartrate

Simon Borg-Olivier will inspire, inform and entertain you in this video clip. See him talk about creating more relaxation and strength, and watch him demonstrate advanced yoga poses at the end of the clip.

Simon Borg-Olivier at his most educational and his genuine passion for teaching and sharing the wonders of the human body. See him at his best where he gives the facts of anatomy and physiology demonstrating relaxation, breathing, strength, slowing his heart rate down from 88 beats to about 33 and much more. But the gift is the simple way he demonstrates, the fact that he IS walking anatomy – you can see it live by watching Simon’s body, and his wonderful sense of humour.

Simon Borg-Olivier LIVE in Brisbane and Byron Bay starting Friday 14 November. Don’t miss him!

      Simon Borg Olivier’s Secrets of Yoga Intensives

             Simon Borg-Olivier slows his heartrate                         Bookings: or contact Susan directly

Enquiries: (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Thanks to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for posting this clip for us to share.

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