Image shows Susan WANMER demonstrating a yoga pose that brings bloodflow to the head, helps to energise then calm the bride, and tones the arms.
Yoga: Learn. Develop. Perfect at "Yoga Clinics"Image shows Artisan Yoga on the Australian BeachImage shows Susan WANMER demonstrating a yoga pose that brings bloodflow to the head, helps to energise then calm the bride, and tones the arms.

Yoga “New Year, New You” – 1 Casual Pass!

$27.00 $25.00

Yoga for a ‘New Year, New YOU’ focus. Yoga session Casual pass gives you access to all the tools of Yoga to build your Health and Wellbeing lifestyle. Never done Yoga before, but would love to? Thought about it? Hop in right now, create new habits today! Beginners absolutely welcome and feedback is that you feel capable, and right at home, achieving good yoga right away. Benefits are for your mind, body, energy levels, weight, and your whole body.

Start with this very first group for the New Year. Weeks run Monday to Thursday. Attend ANY session 5.45 am, or 7 am during the weeks of 11 – 14 January when you book and pay.  New Year, New Yoga, New Yoga for Mind and Body!

February dates are 1 – 4 then 8 – 11 February. Book casual in Feb, or buy your 2 weeks, or weekly pass. Commit and save! 

–please read the long description for the cancellation/ refund policy–

Choose any Session for a Casual Pass 11 – 14 January 2016. Classes only run when there is a program, so book now and don’t miss out on this one. Attend any day, at 5.45 am – 6.45 am, or 7 am – 8 am.

Product Description

New Year, ‘New You” focus using all the tools of Yoga bundled together for you to start the year  right now with a resolution for health and wellbeing! Kick off your New Year 2016, and join this fun, Yoga Vitality-Building focus that works on toning and stretching.  Never done yoga before but would love to try or love to start? Beginners are more than welcome! 

Feedback from the group that sold out for the previous ‘Yoga builds Health and Wellbeing’ series,  was:  lots of smiles, sore in ‘all the right places’, and feeling lots of mojo during the day. More than a class, each morning gives you a tailored and focussed session – like a group personal training session – but with YOGA. Weeks* run Monday – Thursday 11 – 14 January,  [February dates are 1 – 4, 8 – 11 Feb] Attend any of the 4 sessions offered each week. Choose 5.45 am, or 7 am. Hop in while this is on! Each of the classes is a yoga workout in itself for your muscles, mind, health and breathing. You are welcome to attend any session, any day in Milton, Brisbane with your Casual Pass.  More than a yoga class, this is like a mini workshop and tailored to suit you! 

Featuring YOGA for all bodies in this New Year, New Yoga series to build Vitality and your Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions.

*Casual Passes available for these dates. Choose YOURS on these weeks, ANY day:

January  THIS WEEK! Book now and start your New Year with Yoga!

  • 11 – 14 January


  • 1 – 4 February
  • 8 – 11 February

Choose 5.45 am, or 7 am as your nominated timeslot. Book and pay now to keep your spot!

The only January Program runs 4th – 17th. [Casual session pass is valid for any session in this program of Yoga for VITALITY!]. 

Susan Wanmer. Senior Yogini, Australian Yoga 0410 570 441

Booking and cancellation policy: Please note there are no refunds or substitutions on purchases, but Susan will do everything possible to help you benefit from the series, and help you to attend….or wake up! In the unlikely event that you forfeit  your session, you will be helping Susan donate more of her time to offer her skills pro-bono for advocacy in creating sustainable and healthy Australian lifestyles. Current project – agvocacy. Like to know more? Ask Susan about her pro bono work to make a difference in Australia. #WhatisAustralia #SusanWanmer