Image shows Susan WANMER demonstrating a yoga pose that brings bloodflow to the head, helps to energise then calm the bride, and tones the arms.
Susan Wanmer

Yoga Vitality Challenge! 5.45am or 7am

$249.00 $185.00

Three Week Program starts from Monday 9 – 26 November
up to 12 sessions.
   We use Yoga to target the spine – going deep to release. Freeing the spine gives you a sense of freedom and builds your Vitality! Your Vitality pass means you save – you can attend any session any day or timeslot 5.45 am, or 7 am in the 3 weeks on offer. 

Product Description

Secure your spot for the Yoga Zest Early Morning Vitality Program 5.45 am Group, or 7 am Group. Fun and effective poses that also improve strength stretch and balance that we will work up to. You will work deeply into your spine and feel the effects of freedom, and vitality from spinal releases. This builds your Health, your Energy, and your Vitality. Much more than just a ‘stretch’ using yoga – this is a gift to your body and mind at a time of year where more energy and sparkling healthy body will come in handy!

 Susan Wanmer
Susan Wanmer demonstrating some of the Yoga for the Vitality Challenge on Retreat

This pass gets you access to a recommended 5 or up to 12 sessions over 3 weeks! You are welcome to attend the 12 on offer, but in this mind/body Vitality Challenge, an average of 2 sessions per week will still give you great results.

All attendees to these popular Vitality Building Challenges, get Great Results. You will have days to work strongly, days for more gentle ‘health-based’ yoga for your organs, breathing, stress relief, mindbody focus, all built into your physical yoga poses. Booking NOW! The Yoga week runs Mon – Thurs over three weeks: 9 – 26 November.  Up to 12 sessions are on offer, but you will still get your value if you can make it to 5 or 6 sessions of the Program. If you can make it to more sessions, that is a bonus! If you can’t make all sessions, no shame and no guilt.

As a special once-a-year offer, this 3 week Challenge is nearly the same price as if you bought 2 weeks – you get this extra week for just $1. [Standard Yoga Program week costs $92!].

Believe it or not, great way to start yoga as a beginner or if you have had a break. This will be a capped-size group and works like a small personal training group – you get personal attention. The challenge is popular and up to Intermediate-level yoga students will receive challenges that suit their needs, all within the group.


Refund policy: please note there are no refunds on programs, or substitutions other than swapping between 5.45 am and 7 am within the November Program. Everything possible will be done to help you achieve the most, and to help you attend as many sessions as you want, including a personal cheery wake-up call if needed!