Image shows Susan WANMER demonstrating a yoga pose that brings bloodflow to the head, helps to energise then calm the bride, and tones the arms.
Image shows Artisan Yoga on the Australian BeachSusan Wanmer demonstrating Yoga Vitality and Stretch outdoors at Yogafest!

Yoga 2 Week VITALITY Challenge!

$189.00 $157.00

Yoga. Learn. Develop. Perfect! A focus on how Yoga Creates Zesty Vitality using STRETCHING! Experienced Yoga Teacher gives you a great workout, improves your technique, in a friendly and fun atmosphere at the NEW “Yoga Group Training”. Perfect to start you off safely and correctly, or to get great results in this capped size early morning group for 2 week yoga program to Create Zest and better handle the heat to come. Choose 5.45 am, 7 am, or do a Double up – I will give you a different workout if you attend both! Build core strength, release your shoulders and neck to feel fabulous and in prep for some handstands/ headstands if you want down the track. Book here now – don’t put it off until the right benefit when you start!

Dates: 16 – 26 November [up to 8 sessions]. All early morning sessions are conducted indoors at a dedicated Yoga Studio. WorkLifeBalance [Milton Yoga Studio] 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane. Easy – park out the front!

Product Description

Yoga Morning 2 Week Yoga VITALITY Challenge Package – Yoga to Create Zest through Toning, Breathing, STRETCHING, Relaxations!  

Start this Spring to Learn Yoga for VITALITY! Perfect your Yoga, create Zest to handle the heat! Kicks off Monday 16 November! Choose 5.45 am, or 7 am timeslots over two weeks. Mon – Thursday each week gives you up to 8 sessions.

This Yoga Group Training focusses on building your core strength and releasing shoulder and neck tension to free up your body. This is one of the ways we reclaim your energy, and create VITALITY and better health. Long Relaxations in each morning session. Runs 16 – 26  November up to 8 sessions.   Choose 5.45 am, or 7 am as your nominated timeslot. [You can mix between the two]. This is run as a ‘Pop-Up Studio’ for 2 weeks at Milton Yoga Studio/ WorkLifeBalance, Brisbane.

I have found that students get great results in these short intensive ways of learning and practicing yoga to a goal. Attend all 8 sessions over 2 weeks, or come to as many as you can. No previous yoga required, just a desire to start yoga, learn yoga, or develop your yoga! You are especially welcome if there is a particular aspect of yoga that you need assistance with. Free your Spine, work your CORE, and build your VITALITY with me.

November block runs for 2 weeks 16 – 26 November.  If you can’t attend all sessions, then remember that any session gives you a mini-workshop/ workout. That is fine. Don’t put it off till a better time, or a better week – the best time is now! Choose 5.45 am, or 7 am as your nominated timeslot. Book now, buy now!

Booking and cancellation policy: Please note there are no refunds or substitutions, but Susan will do everything possible to help you benefit from the series, and help you to attend….or wake up! In the unlikely event that you forfeit your session, you will be helping Susan donate more time for advocacy in building sustainable and healthy Australian farming. Current project – Drought affected farmers.