Possum symbolises Opportunity?…

Who would believe that a possum would gain a couple of people an extension of discount to the forthcoming Anatomy and physiology Course. Because of the possum stuck in the office’s downpipe, I spent a lot of last eek co-odingating a rescue and wasn’t able to get through my workload.   Truly – see it on Animal Rescue later in the year.

 The possum ended up taking up about 4 days of my week. We ended up with the RSPCA, animal ambulance, plumbers, landlords and a whole heap of interested  neighbours.

It wouldn’t have been so intriguing except that the drainpipe is inside the office. We cut a hole in it to try to save the possum, but then risked the office flooding if it rained (which it hasn’t in Brisbane for a very long time, but did of course that week.  (See the photo and article in Westside News of 4 November, page 4.)

A psychologist who works with me said that in Animal Dreaming, a possum represented Opportunity.

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