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One-on-one Personal Consultations February Sale

Welcome to a Vibrant 2015. I don’t know why, but I have had a lot of enquiries over the past 3 weeks for Private Consultations. In December I made a small number of consultations available for Gift Vouchers – and I have decided to repeat the offer now until the end of February. Buy now and use any time before the end of May for yourself, or give as a gift. Limited Editions, you can use the Consultation time for clarity around any of my expert topics.

Susan Wanmer helps you discover your love of yoga and wellness through her consultations and coaching. Brisbane.
Private Consultations – Limited Edition

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to look into Relationships. Yoga is an ever-popular request, and I can do a mini-program tailored just for you. Work/life Balance, Stress Management, Meditation, Makeovers for your health or image, Food and What to Eat….are just some of the topics I can work on with you.

To purchase right now, click here. Available in Limited 1 Hour, or Ultra Limited 2 Hour Timeslots :

I’m really excited to announce that I have re-opened my books for the first time in over a year, to make these few spaces available – and you do not have to live near me to access them. As long as you can access SKYPE, this Voucher can be bought for anyone, anywhere to receive the Gift of Health….Men and Women. No previous knowledge required – just a desire to be the best they can be and have the most vitality or to overcome something. Let me do the rest!

Gift Voucher – Personal Wellness Consultation
Gift Voucher – Personal Wellness Consultation. Men or Women! Limited Number
Gift Vouchers ‘Time’ with Susan Wanmer – Topics include Wellness, Yoga, WorkLifeBalance, Relationships, Visioning…. to purchase, click here right now:

Buy the Ultimate Gift of Wellness, Gift of Clarity, Gift of Yoga. Invest in your 2015 Health and Wellbeing with a tried and tested expert consultant. Gift Vouchers for Valued Friends, family – or yourself! These are not only rare, but currently discounted. LIMITED EDITION. The Appointment Book closed over 18 months ago, and there have been no appointments available since 2013. Once these are sold-out, my time is available in limited monthly coaching packages only. You can’t BUY an appointment with me once this offer ends.

These spots available only until the end of February (but you can use them until the end of May 2015). Valid for a personal consultation on any topic, using any or all of the skills that make me a Trusted Advisor for so many people’s health, wellness, yoga and life issues. Multiple purchases are ok. Purchase now, must be used by 31 May 2015.

To purchase, click here: Valid to use until 31 May. What are you waiting for? Susan Wanmer Brisbane, Australia.

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