New Years Resolutions that work 2012

New Years Resolutions that work 2012

Location: 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane [Work Life Balance]

New Year. New Resolutions. Get Real. Get authentic, and honour yourself by plotting 2012 from your heart – not the head!*

New Year's Resolutions that work!
New Year’s Resolutions that work!

This Saturday,  7 January, I am combining my Goal/ Vision skills training, with Clare Apelt, Masters in Creative Arts Therapies amongst many other body/mind talents. Clare is facilitating a workshop with me this Saturday 7 January, where she is drawing all her creativity into a New Year Visioning “Playshop”. In putting this together, we decided it would be fun to really enter the journey of the heart, to follow the heart’s compass, and that lead to thinking about Treasures of the Heart….and, well….it had to end up with a personal Treasure Map/ Pirate theme, didn’t it!

While the year is still fresh, get clear about what you don’t want to drag along with you, get clear about what you LOVE and want more of, and let Clare guide you using experiential exercises, drawing, writing, small group exploration, and yoga to create your own personal Treasure Map, plotted for the Year 2012. Yes – you really take home a Map of your year!

Bookings and enquiries through (me) Susan on 3369 7404, 0410 570 41, or email. So we have lots of space for the group on this afternoon of Intention Setting and Visioning, we are using my Milton Yoga Studio plus the 2 seminar rooms of WorkLifeBalance [same building for those who know the Yoga Studio]. You will have time for personal reflection, plus access to your two expert facilitators. *I will also share with you the brain science of what heart is, what head is, and why you need both working as a synchronised team for true health and progress.

If you want to read the post on the WorkLifeBalance site, click here:

Warm regards, and PS, we have made it very inexpensive and offer a discount if you bring a friend, because the more we are, the more we play – you’ll get to create the vision and the goals for you personally that you can convert to an action plan, but not in a dry format!

Start Time: 13:00
Date: 2012-01-07
End Time: 17:00

Cost: $65 or $99 for couples

Bookings: 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or


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