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This is the page for my Milton Yoga Studio’s Yoga events and my brand NEW Program the “Yoga Clinic ONLINE”! Want to learn and practice Yoga with a Yoga Teacher who has over twenty five years technical experience and has taught thousands of people all ages, all levels, so you gain from expert guidance and safe hands?

Susan Wanmer Expert Yoga Teacher
Susan Wanmer Expert Yoga Teacher

I don’t do ‘Levels’, but I do ‘Layers’. Yoga is about awareness, so the more your practice Yoga, the more layers of understanding, awareness and subtlety you gain.

The Yoga ‘layers’ in my Online Programs are:

Yoga Beginners or Refreshers focus if you are getting back into it – or a little older, recovering from something.

Yoga Active People or Sports Stretch. This is for you if you are more active, or looking for more flexibility to meet a goal and stay injury-free.

Yoga with a Meditation and Relaxation focus. This doesn’t mean the yoga poses don’t work you strongly – it means you keep the meditative focus all throughout. After all – isn’t that the goal of yoga for stress management?


Yoga CLINICS are a Program and run online as a group. They are not classes, but more like a mini-workshop and

Susan Wanmer's Yoga BootCamp
Susan Wanmer’s Yoga BootCamp revamped to Yoga Clinic. Woo Hoo!

every Yoga Clinic works to a theme. Every attendee works the elements of stretch, strength, flexibility, core, tone, relaxation, meditation and breathing in every single session of every single Yoga session. Thousands of ‘recruits’ have enjoyed my Yoga BootCamps over the last 7 years and Every Recruit makes progress. Yoga BootCamps have become even more refined and now have become the all new Yoga Clinic Program 🙂

The Yoga Clinics are not hard, but they appeal to committed people who would like to see results in any or all of the above areas over the two weeks. And they are so much fun – after all – who ever heard of such a thing as a YOGA Clinic rather than a Tennis Clinic or a Sports Clinic. Bring yourself and a friend if you have a sense of play and a sense of humour, but want to work your Yoga!