Image shows a French Magazine cover for Yoga Vitality and Serenity. I photographed this in a peaceful Paris, days before the terror attacks on the city.

How to Create Vitality before Christmas

Checklist of How to Create More Vitality Easily and with Every Day Tips

 Last week, a group of Vitality Warriors gathered with their fearless leader, Brisbane Yogini, Susan Wanmer. The group Mission: Yoga Vitality Challenge. Find a personal Vision. Decrease the Energy ‘zappers’.

The mission ended with a sense of fun and celebration and a desire to share the learnings and summarise benefits to remember, and for all to share. Here’s your free Checklist to the Best Tips used in our Yoga, and throughout the day.

How to Create Vitality 5 Tips Checklist

If Energy is the ability to do what you need to, and a little left over, then Vitality must be the natural catalyst to create Energy. Vitality is about your very lifeforce. ‘Vital’ prioritises your energy, created to fulfill your sense of purpose and a sense of vision. With that, your body finds ways to create or to crave energy so it can fulfill your purpose.

 1. Vision fuels Vitality

Without Vision ‘the People Perish”. What is your Vision? When you operate without vision, Overwhelm sets in and you feel stagnant or blocked. You need to step over and above your current life or ‘Peak’, and set your sights on a bigger goal or vision. What is it – or what could it be for you – if you don’t currently have a vision to inspire you. Your energy meets your needs, so if all you ‘see’ is your everyday life reflected around you, and your imagination is not filled with ‘more’, then your energy decreases. What is bigger than you/ more inspiring/ exciting/ fulfilling or purposeful that your current situation? What do you see when you look towards the end of the year, or into 2016?

 2. Movement Creates Vitality

Just as rubbing sticks together creates a friction and energy, gently moving your body creates a kinetic energy. Here’s the key – in Yoga this week we explored just the right amount of movement through the physical yoga poses. Too much movement – or at the wrong speed zaps your energy, putting you into ‘depletion’ mode. Stick to Yoga poses just at your range of movement, strength, and level of cardio-vascular fitness. This is where you will have the most progress in your Vitality levels. Keep moving!

 3. The ‘Gap’ Creates Vitality

The ‘Gap’ – as the name implies – means inserting a realtime pause in your day. It only needs to be a half-breath long to make outstanding changes for you. When you ‘lock-in’ the steps in a yoga pose for a moment before you move to the next step, that is a way of creating a ‘Gap’ in a moment-by-moment way.

4. Breathing Creates Vitality

Mindful of your breathing, leads you to observe how you are breathing, and if you are holding your breath. Not only do you deprive yourself of the nutrient of oxygen, but breath-holding tightens the diaphragm. Why does that matter? A tight diaphragm signals to the survival part of the brain that you are in danger and your body escalates into a series of ‘survival response’ behaviours.

Step 1. Observe your breathing. Step 2. Breath naturally.

 5. Releasing Tension Creates Vitality

Yoga asana is a training ground for you to recognize when you go into stress habits and ‘lockdown’ your muscles, or brace yourself. Your challenge then, is to go back into your everyday life and observe yourself. Notice how often you tense your muscles. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of people have come back to tell me that they have my voice in their head at home and at work. They hear ‘drop your shoulders’, ‘relax your face’, ‘soften your forehead and tongue’……It’s a little embarrassing – but I’m so glad to see body awareness building to integrate better habits!

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All of these tips can be experienced in a yoga session. In fact, in a yoga pose itself. Start small and do what you can in the moment. It has dramatic effects.

This week in the Vitality Challenge we head into “Playfulness’. Engage your sense of fun and sense of curiosity. Explore news ways of moving, new approaches to yoga poses for increased Vitality. You will gain this not just from the benefits of the pose, but from the mental/ emotional effects of ‘exploration, playfulness, and curiousity’.

In light of the shocking terror attacks in Paris, we will also bring in the yogic concept of Ahimsa [non-violence], and the question of how we can hold calm in the face of challenging paradoxes. There is always more and deeper we can go with Australian Yoga!

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