Flexibility with Yoga ‘BootCamp!

A unique way to start yoga, or to build your flexibility… and not as radical as it sounds!

There is just one week left for sign-on in our ‘Flexibility Intensive’. Every so often we put together a magnificent combination of postures for a 3-week program and this is one of those times.

Yoga Intensive (BootCamp) runs for 3 weeks from July 6 at 6 am. We offer you 12 sessions, but you can choose your favourite days to attend. It is a whole program including a goal-psetting for your body, so you will need to sign-on by 4 July so that you can attend your individual appointment gooing through range of movement and familiarising you with some of the postures.

Sometimes in Yoga BootCamp we focus on stronger ‘power’ postures, but this one fits right in with the time of year and will push the circulation through your body and joints to warm, limber and dramatically increase your flexibility – so this will suit all levels all ages as it will not require muscle strength or muscle flexibility beforehand to attend. Plus it’s great to work in a team and Yoga ‘BootCamps’ are a lot of fun.
3369 7404 or bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

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