Yoga Props Workshop

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[Yoga at Home, or Yoga Teachers]  Secrets of Yoga Props. Essentials Workshop this Sunday. Make Yoga Results EASIER!

“How to use Props for Professional Yoga”

My Mission is to Help ‘Ordinary’ People be Less SCARED of Yoga! – Susan WANMER

Who should attend my  YOGA PROPS WORKSHOP –

  • Are you an tri-athlete, cyclist, or runner? Perfect for you.
  • Men – want to feel comfortable in a yoga class? Props workshop – yes
  • Lower back pain? You will LOVE props series for sacrum and hips
  • Want to teach yoga to diverse levels? You need my Props Essentials.
  • Are you a body that needs help with yoga? Master poses on your own
  • My clientele is nearly 40% MEN. Teachers – attract more men!
  • Yoga Teachers and Instructors – build your One on One clientele using props.

Beginning Yoga – I specialise in bringing you to achievement!

5 Basics: Block, Belt, Bolster, Blanket, Wall.

Going back 20 years, we would have called this “Yoga Therapy”. Now, learn to use the 5 Essential Basics for ANYONE to use at home, or safely with your students [certificate of attendance included]. 5 Essential Basics are easy to master, to go further safely in your Yoga. Over twenty of years experience means I will show you exactly what and how to use them, PLUS the contraindications, and what NOT to do and WHY!  Props offer you increased range of movement plus strength, and when you learn the 5 Basics, and the Essentials Yoga Poses anyone can do, you will never look back! Not pictured in the flyer, are the magnificent yoga poses for the spine, back and legs that I have used with professional athletes, right up to 80 year-old clients.

Yoga Props Workshop Details – 

  • this Saturday 6 Sept 2014
  • 2.30 pm – 5 pm
  • I work with YOUR flexibility – come as you are!
  • Safety! Safety! Safety! I take care of your body or injuries 😉
  • I’ll take you just outside of your comfort zone
  • Great gift for Dads! Come with your Dad
  • My SW Yoga works your via nervous system, so you keep the benefits stretching in a relaxed state.
  • Time efficient learning

Price Non-Members:  $120*  [Yoga Teacher or in training – receive Cert of Attendance] Price My Members Discount: $90**   SeptMemberships: *How do I become a Member? [It’s free this month]   **Am I a Member with Susan?  Venue: Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton  BONUS A: Join my Yoga Membership for free and receive the $30 Discount on this workshop alone – more bonuses to come! BONUS B: Receive ACCESS to my supplier of props for 15% off.

Payment: Contact me to pay directly by credit card over the phone. or, Direct Deposits to Westpac BSB 034 072 AC 195957

Questions? Contact  me on or  SMS to 0410 570 441 and I’ll call you back.