Yoga: Learn. Develop. Perfect at "Yoga Clinics"

Yoga Clinic – learn Yoga!

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This event finished on 12 February 2015

Heard of a Tennis Clinic where you can learn from a professional, or perfect your game….or a Sports Clinic where you learn technique and improve your results? Well – welcome to my brand new Yoga Clinic. Run over 2 weeks, attend all 8 sessions, or come to as many as you can. No previous yoga required, just a desire to start yoga, learn yoga, or improve yoga! You are especially welcome if there is a particular aspect of yoga that you  need assistance with.

Yoga: Learn. Develop. Perfect at "Yoga Clinics"
Yoga: Learn. Develop. Perfect at “Yoga Clinics”

Yoga Clinic gives you Mindbody connection, breathing, meditations and of course yoga for your physical body. Daily one-hour sessions at 5.45 am or 7 am.

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