Yoga Bootcamp

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This event finished on 31 July 2014

Yoga [Hot] Bootcamp!

  • Yoga to create winter warmth in a unique combo – all levels
  • You will increase your Fitness and Essential Winter Health!
  • You will become more Flexible – overall flexibility for you!
  • You will Strengthen and Tone!…You will Relax!

Wrong time of year for outdoor or gym solutions: running, weights, lots of effort? Yoga BootCamp has delivered results for over 7 years as a health, fitness and detoxification tool.  If you are interested in a total health, low-impact training technique that is created for you personally, contact me at Milton Yoga Studio.

Enlist now and start your day with a warm Yoga workout!

Susan Wanmer


2 Teams start from Monday 14 July to 31 July 5.45am-6.45am, or 7am-8am (contact us), 3 week duration. Up to 4 sessions per week.  You can attend as many as 12 group sessions + a 45 minute induction/goal setting session all for just $185. Group sign-on Sunday 13 July 5pm or call Susan.  Call now! 0410 570 441