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Yoga! 1 Hour to Vitality Classes

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This event finished on 25 February 2016

Yoga – 1 Hour to Vitality with my proven Yoga asana, Breathing, Relaxation combos. This is the Launch of the New series, and the last at this Milton Venue till well after Easter, so don’t miss your spot in the series that gives you the best results ever! Tired? Thinking back to the holidays?

Image shows Susan WANMER demonstrating a yoga pose that brings bloodflow to the head, helps to energise then calm the bride, and tones the arms.
Yoga for SPRING. LEARN My BEST Sequences for Spring bodies! Get the KIT!

NOW is the time to build and maintain your summer Vitality for the year ahead. Bring a FRIEND and share this event! Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441

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