NEW! Learn Yoga and Meditations Course

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This event finished on 23 October 2014

NEW! Yoga Course – Yoga and Meditations helps you learn and master the basics of Yoga asana plus breathing and meditations over 4 weeks of specialised classes.

Thurdays 7.25 pm is designed for beginners to Yoga, refreshers anyone who wants to use Yoga for Stress Management, calm, relaxation and to integrate physical yoga poses into their wellbeing lifestyle. The course will take you through the essentials of Yoga, including breathing techniques and a different guided meditation each week.

My expertise is that I personalise the poses and techniques to your body. Your age and ability don’t matter, just that you are interested in learning how to do Yoga for relaxation and stress management and to get the most benefit from your Yoga for your one precious life!

Easy purchase through the online shop here.

Standard Course price if for 1 evening per week – attend 2 Course topics per week for a discounted pass.

All enquiries to your Yoga Teacher, Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441