What is your Spiritual Purpose? What is your Heart's Purpose - if spiritual is confronting to you. Embody your purpose using the skills learned at Susan Wanmer's Actionist Programs.

Mapping Your Heart’s Purpose [a ChangeMakers Festival Event!]

Event Details

Mapping Your Heart’s Purpose Workshop – yoga and mind-mapping for clarity and action!

ChangeMakers Australia, Brisbane Finale Event. [Workshop offered Freely to you in the spirit of the Festival –  or you can make a donation towards it]

So – what does ‘Mapping’ mean – and what has this to do with Social Change, Activism, or being in Susan’s words ‘An Actionist’?

Susan Wanmer shows you how your Heart's Purpose helps you discover your role as an Actionist and Changemaker. #ChangeFest
What does your Heart’s Purpose have to do with Social Change and being a Change Maker?

It’s about getting clear. You will move, visualise, connect to your body and your ‘Heart’ space, work your brain sorting out definitions, and mind-map your way to clarity around your ChangeMaker Purpose!

It’s about ownership of your beliefs. We’ll look at ‘hot’ words – and their definitions so that you get clear on what counts for you. Ready? I’m including ‘spiritual’, ‘religious’, ‘cultural’, ‘creative’ – did you survive the first four…? Bring your sense of humour, open mind and play.

It’s about taking a fresh look at age-old questions. One on my skills is in asking questions that usurp assumptions and help us to look freshly at old topics.

It’s about using yoga in the truest sense to connect mind and body, acting from an integrated self. Wear clothes you could sit on the (carpeted) Studio floor in. I have chairs if the floor doesn’t appeal to you. If yoga scares you dont worry – I am using yoga to bring us out of intellectualising, so you will be just fine.

It’s about Manifesting your own Visions and Concepts. Bring coloured pens, and paper, scissors if you can. I have lots of paper if not 🙂

It’s about collaboration and community. TELL YOUR FRIENDS and Bring Friends!

It’s about consciousness. Your Purpose if already Embodied. We need to bring it from the unconscious to the ever-increasing conscious mind. We will go from ‘concept’ to how your action could manifest.

It’s all about change makers in the making. Be prepared for a fun afternoon to finish off ChangeMakers Festival with a Heart’s Purpose Finale for Brisbane!

Join in!