Heart “Essentials” Workshop

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You’re not the only one – Ever felt a pang of desire, fallen in love, seen someone cry at winning the football experienced tightness in the chest or stomach through emotions? This is all governed by your Heart, which governs your Brain, which controls – well basically everything! Tonight’s Penultimate Toolkit reveals my My Best Professional Secrets to Meet Life in all its Real, Messy, Raucous, Emotional, Gorgeous and Unpredictable states… Your Heart, when centred, mimmicks the effects of Meditation. If you want to find your bliss state quickly – even in the midst of upheaval or conflict, you need to familiarise with the elements of the Toolkit to relieve Stress, and take the Heart-Centring Pathway. June 4th Workshop helps you transition out of  a position of catastrophe, disconnection, into Power, Centredness and Connection.  In this Big evening’s  program, you will gain the first four Tools to Breathe, Love, Speak…..becoming more Hearticulate. Once there, Stress disappears!