Image shows Yoga on the Beach in Australia. Students are learning how to be their own 'Inner yoga teacher'.

Find Your “Inner Yoga Teacher”

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This event finished on 09 August 2015

LOVE YOGA?! Want to do more? Do you want to do yoga on the beach, with family and friends, on holidays, when you don’t feel well, and can’t remember what to do, or where to start?

Become a Yoga INSTRUCTOR.  Susan WANMER’S ‘Inner Yoga Teacher” is a course to teach you how to be a Yoga Teacher for yourself. The course is specifically designed around your body, your health and your abilities, strength, flexibility.

Most people who take Yoga Teacher Trainings, do not want to be in the business of teaching yoga, but LOVE yoga, want to do more, and want to know how to do Yoga for themselves, anytime, with the correct information, technique and INSPIRATION!

Susan WANMER mentors you through this personalised tuition. Flexible delivery and no previous yoga needed. Susan 0410 570 441, or to find out more details.

4 spaces are available in the July/ August intake.