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Early Morning Yoga Classes. Booking now!

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This event finished on 08 September 2015

Bookings open 24 hrs – but 5.05 am till around 11.30 pm is when most of you book in!  

By Popular Request! Strengthen your Core theme. Pre-book for the next round of Early Morning Yoga Classes. People drive from all over Brisbane to attend these as they are such good quality personalised yoga, AND parking is right out the front in the mornings. Easy peasy.

It works like this. Each Yoga Class in the Program is like a workshop for the Group that books in.  The program always has a theme and this one that has been requested is for a ‘boost’ in energy somewhere between the heat and the cyclones and the cooler weather heading in. This is often a time where immune systems run down and people get sick – weird huh!

So, yes, we will focus on stretch, strength, balance and breath, but it is put together in a way that builds your rather than depleting you. Attend the whole round – that is 6 to 8 sessions over the two weeks. If you can’t, you can attend either week. The second week is a separate week, so you don’t ‘miss’ anything.

And if you want to attend as a casual, there is a casual pass option and you will still get focussed, high-quality yoga for that session. [This is not just a generic class, as the numbers are capped and the session is personalised to what you want to get out of your yoga].

Hop on in and book your spot – the options are on this link. Starts from 7 September and the last session is on 17 September till the next round in October.


Susan Wanmer, Milton Yoga Studio 0410 570 441