7 am Master your Core with Yoga!

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This event finished on 17 September 2015

7 am Master your Core with Yoga!

You will feel the difference in your body when your core is toned – and it doesn’t take much! The Yoga Core Program gives you a maximum of 8 sessions over two weeks so all aspects of your core are covered. In between the poses which use yoga in a simple and effective way, is stretching and relaxation to give you a balanced workout every session. Small groups, tailored for your individual needs. Expert Yoga trainer!

Each session runs 1 hour 7 am – 8 am. Don’t put it off! Core work is an excellant way to get your metabolism going and ready to come out of Winter hibernation with helath and vitality!

Dates from Monday 7 – 17 September.

The full 2 weeks, 1 week, or casual workout passes are available. Details on the bookings link below.