Image shows Susan Wanmer Trainer, demonstrating Spinal movements for Back Pain Relief. Get this tool as a Fathers Day Gift.

Dads – How is your Back?

Prevent Back Pain. Get Back Pain Relief – for Dads!

Fathers Day is September in Australia, so if it is not that day for you, then enjoy this free tool for essential core posture anyway.

Thanks for Checking out this Important Tool!  As a longtime trainer in posture, wellness, health and pain relief, this is something I use daily with all my clients. More than half of my clients are men ranging from Dads of all ages, weekend warriors through to  professional and elite sportsmen.  Remember: ANY movement [including my ‘user-friendly Yoga’] that you do, is based on these movements being done carefully,  regularly, and well.

Looking after your BACK prevents BACK PAIN!

ge shows a Diagram taken from Susan Wanmer 'user-friendly yoga' trainer's Course Back Pain Relief Unit 2:Back Pain Relief: Free Fathers Day Tool of Spinal Movements
Back Pain Relief: Free Fathers Day Tool of Spinal Movements

Can you see that very first one at the top of the list? That is one of my ‘signature’ techniques and is called ‘SEEKING’. This is not simply standing up tall. This is creating a subtle, and constant feeling through your spine, that the top of your head is lifting the rest of you up to the ceiling.  Lift  through the  crown of your head, and you will activate your deep core postural muscles.

  1. SEEKING counteracts spinal direction 8 – Compression and activates your core strength. That helps prevent and gives relief from back pain.
  2. and 3. Sidebends Left and Right traction and warm your spine. These lateral spinal bend directions awaken your nerves, muscles and organs. Left first is best for your heart.

4. and 5. Rotate Left, rotate Right. MOST importantly before you ever do these: stand        tall with no lower back sway – and BREATHE!

6. Bending forward means the spine, not bending over to pick something up! Can you bend your spine forwards in the middle to lower part? You can easily bend the top part of your back – but that is slouching. If you can get the right spot here, you will feel tremendous relief. It won’t budge much as this is really stiff in every body. Don’t try to force it!

7. Backbending always needs to begin from my core postural activation direction of SEEKING. Anyone can bend [arch] their lower back – but that can often cause pain. Where you need to bend back [arch] is in the slouchy part of your upper back. That is between the shoulder blades. Bends in this part will enliven your lungs, lift your heart, lift your spirits, clear your mind, and help you breathe. Note- this will be a much more subtle bend than if you just squish your lower back.

8. and Compression is the spinal direction you want to avoid. Good old gravity is doing its job of pushing down on you all the time. Carrying heavy stuff compresses you more. If you are a Dad, that can include carrying your kids on your shoulders, any DIY or gardening job, and maybe even your work.

Sedentary work compresses your spine because sitting for long periods of time bends your spine in the wrong directions, compresses and numbs it. You’ve probably heard the new phrase that ‘sitting is the new smoking’…as in really bad for you.

If you are a physical worker and carry stuff on your shoulders, lift your arms and tools above your head, or carry heavy loads – all that extra load compresses your spine. In my experience, most men who work like this are constantly holding their breath to brace against the load. That sets up a whole other set of issues for your spine, back and health.

To help your back, overall posture, core activation, health and relationship, Create more LEVITY by doing the 7 spinal directions regularly. And Laugh more. …Levity – did you get the joke?

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