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Coaching – How to progress with 5 Peaks Coaching

Question: Coaching – Where do you start? How do you do it? Can I progress in Coaching?

Susan Wanmer of 5 Peaks Coaching answers: In my decades of working with clients to assist them through life’s obstacles and achieve the freedom, physically, mentally and emotionally that they desire, I have realised it is a journey. There is a stage where daily things are stopping you from fully exploring your life and potential, and there is a stage where things are ok, but you know inside there is something more, and something needs to change. I liken this to a range of mountains, and we are the mountain climbers!

You will see that I refer to my Coaching as “5 Peaks, or 5 Mountains”.

First Mountain, or first Peak you want to get to is all the annoying daily stuff that gets in your way. It can be family relationships, financial worries, job satisfaction, pains and niggles in your body, weight issues, relationship difficulties and communication problems, self-doubt, lack of confidence, bad luck or a string of things that use up your day, your energy so that you never really get to leave your Base camp and head for your higher goals.

Second Peak or mountain, is when you have those daily things sorted and life is going well. This is where you start to map your vision, stretch yourself a little. Where do you see yourself in your career, your relationship, your finances, your hobbies and pursuits? Typically this is where you start to Vision and work towards the ‘life of your Dreams’. For some it might be about dream holidays, working less to have more free time, buying toys for dreams hobbies – like jet skies or collectables. It might be about creating the work/lifebalance for your dream relationship and best life, best loves….What this looks like will differ for everyone and is not at all based on money. It always depends on what ‘success’ is for you, and what matters to you. For some it will be a mansion, for you, it might be a suntanned skin and a lighter workload.

Third Mountain is a sense that you have a purpose – there is a reason for your life, or that you feel drawn to do something more. Sometimes this is about ‘making a difference’, ‘giving back’, ‘leaving a legacy’. We can best focus on this when all the niggly, stuff of our lives is dealt with. We leave the other two mountains behind to climb to this peak….This is community. This is social conscience, social enterprises, being a global and/ or corporate citizen. Philanthopy, humanity and or course your lasting legacy are in this climb.

And I have 5 peaks, because I am not arsey enough to think the growth path ends there! I believe there is always more.

When you come into coaching with me, we start exactly where you are at. If you are a 3rd Mountain already and building your Legacy, we go there. However, with me as your guide, if something crops up that takes your oxygen – a niggle from your body, your mind, your relationship, a pain, or a niggly communication issue, we can go there. The ‘BaseCamp’ analogy is about building strength, support, fortitude, supplies, health, oxygen and space for you to reach those higher peaks.

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute discovery session. or 0410 570 441. Brisbane Australia – I work by Skype with clients outside of Brisbane to climb those moutains with you! Contact me – especially if you are the Executive level wanting solid results and no messing around to make changes.

If you would like to book a one-off Consultation before you book into Coaching, or if you are concerned about the commitment, they are available by arrangement for new clients. In a consultation, I will work with whatever issue is most on your mind. Consultations go for 75 mins by skype or in person, depending on your location. After that, not only will you have results from the session, but you will have a clear idea of how the 5 Peaks Coaching would work for you.


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