Council Healthy Lifestyle Ambasssador, teaching an Aqua Yoga group beside a clear blue pool. [Ithaca Pool, Paddington].

Cellulite tips!

Ten Best Cellulite Tips  – Your Essential Questionnaire!

Now a Yoga Trainer and Wellness Consultant, I am often asked about ‘toning’ for cellulite. Having worked in Paris in some of the oldest and most traditional Thalassotherapie spas, la cellulite was something spoken about in the hushed sanctums of the treatment rooms.  Cellulite, for most women, will not respond to the modern concept of ‘toning’. Is it ok that I share that blunt truth with you straight up? If you would like to know what we know as professionals in health and beauty, read more for extra info. Moving back into working for Modelling Agencies [diet and exercise], then into Kinesiology, natural therapies, nutrition, emotions and relationships work, and ultimately Yoga, I have coached hundreds of women – and some men- in and around the topic of cellulite from both a beauty and a health viewpoint. Altogether,  I have been around women and cellulite tips and techniques for over 35 years now!  Ssshhh!! That’s me a few months ago in the photo below.

Beat Cellulite with Susan Wanmer Health Coaching
Beat Cellulite with Susan Wanmer Health Coaching

Susan Wanmer [54 years old] demonstrating Yoga at Ithaca Pool, Paddington, Brisbane.

Cellulite is all about Health!  – The Personalised Approach

There are many reasons for cellulite appearing and the reasons for it are multi-faceted. That means that the ways to deal with it are muli-facedted as well. If you are looking for cellulite solutions and they haven’t worked for you, imagine that you need 12 pieces to the puzzle, and you have perhaps 8 of them, but the outcome will kick in when you find those last 4 pieces. [This is where my Health Coaching/ Lifestyle Coaching works with you individually, and specifically…just saying!].  I will share my Most Popular 10 Best Cellulite Tips Questionnaire below.  These are the essential questions that any solution needs to address. With this answered, you can review your lifestyle and body specifically. Your approach needs to be ‘inside’ and ‘out’. That means you need to look into the cause of your cellulite as much as you look into its removal. You will need to understand cause and effect ‘what goes in’, and how this influences ‘what goes out’…or ‘stays’…on the body.

Ten Best Cellulite Tips Questionnaire

  1. Are you overweight?
  2. Assuming your cellulite is on your thighs, Is your lower body bigger [proportionally] than your upper body?
  3. Do you move your hips joint area around [for example, in yoga poses for hips]?
  4. Are you adequately hydrated – with clean, pure hydration?
  5. Yes! We have to go there – how are your bowel movements…Every meal…..daily…..?
  6. How would you rate your stress levels? High. Medium….Constant…
  7. Emotions – do you get the chance to express your emotions in a way they are listened to, and validated?
  8. Anger and resentment – specifically looking at these two. Is there anger/ resentment in your life?
  9. Do you move your body – as in, some form of gentle exercise…I’ll suggest yoga because I am biased…or other!
  10. If you look at your diet, how much lifeforce and oxygen does your diet provide you? You could ask yourself how much you get greens into your diet, how processed your foods are, how much fibre you get…
  11. BONUS! – Are you getting enough sleep?

Now what?….Free Tips to overcome Cellulite

Each of the Ten Questions leads to a strategy to improve your Health, Vitality, How you Feel, and How you Look. If you answer the questionnaire and would more information, then comment below with your answer, or email me at and I will post answers for you. I am quite happy to post a 10 Part Free Series on Cellulite if you are interested. The more specific you are in your comment or email, the more I will tailor the post for your particular situation – the better answers you get. Remember, comment below, or send me an email. [privacy protected – I will not publish your name, photo, or details, promised] Susan Wanmer , The LIFEFORCE ACTIVATOR Brisbane. Bali. Wellness/ Yoga/ Detox Retreats

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