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Anatomy is for yoga teachers and bodyworkers. Prana, muscles, skeleton and organs in an organised easy-to-access delivery.

Image shows the Aqua Yoga group practicing the Art of Relaxation in the clear blue Pool.

Teach AQUA YOGA! Learn How Here.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in AQUA YOGA. This Weekend Certificate Course is open to Yoga Teachers & Yoga Teaching Trainees. You will be able to teach Aqua Yoga upon Successful Completion of this Intensive.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan Wanmer
Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan WANMER

Yoga Teachers and Trainees! Expand your Teaching Opportunities with Professional and very Popular Aqua Yoga Training. FEATURED at the Yoga Australia Conference 2016, and available to a limited number at Sunshine Coast, Australia in October 2016.

Using Susan Wanmer’s Specially adapted Methodology, you will quickly learn to assess your group for risk and injury. You will easily decide which Yoga Asanas to adapt for your Group on any given day, making each class perfect for your students! Expand your teaching repetoire. Earn more money by offering private Aqua Yoga sessions at your student’s homes or Public pools. Non-Yoga Studio people are attracted to the water environment because the support and low impact for sore joints, injuries, or bigger students just makes sense.

Help your students build confidence, learn the essence of Yoga asana, breath, mindset, meditation/ relaxation immersed in the wondrous medium of water!

Get creative! You can carefully transition your students onto land using my same, therapeutic Teaching methodology.

SUNSHINE COAST PILOT GROUP PRICE Discounted . Offered only at the Intensive: 1 – 2 OCTOBER 2016.


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Image shows Susan Wanmer teaching the Anatomy of Yoga at Halloween, and asking "why do we find skeletons creepy? " !

Halloween in Australia

Tonight I went to the shop at dusk and the guys in the car next to me got out with bandages on their head – and blood on their clothes…  I was completely sucked in and didn’t realise it was Halloween!

Image shows Susan Wanmer teaching the Anatomy of Yoga at Halloween, and asking "why do we find skeletons creepy? " !
Why Do We Think Skeletons are Creepy?

I’m just back from Paris, so of course memories of the years I spent working in Paris are foremost in my mind.

Back in the eighties, I taught exercise and danse in several top Parisian venues, but my favourite group, from a regional class, I taught the ‘Timewarp’ sequence to.  For an excursion, we dressed up in costume, took le train from Combs la Ville, and then Le Metro to a cult cinema showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  My students had never seen the movie [40 years old this year in 2015!], but they knew it well from my describing it in our classes.

One of the highlight aspects in the cult Parisian cinema, were the members in the audience who knew the script by heart and asked “Where’s the Rope” just before the rope was dropped, and got up on stage so as to be part of the movie.

Those memories for me and for my students were back in the early eighties in Paris……

Fast-track from Danse Moderne in Paris, to 2015 Yoga classes in Australia. I don’t remember why, but something in the 6 pm Yoga class last year incited a “jump to the left….” and when we opened the door for the 7.20 pm class, we gave them the Rocky Horror rendition of the transition from one standing Yoga pose to another.

Image shows Halloween Skeleton Flexible Freddy teaching Yoga Anatomy, with Mookie the Puppy!
Flexible Freddy teaching Yoga Anatomy, with Mookie the Puppy!

Even if the 7.20 Pm Yoga class didn’t understand, the fact was that my Australian Yoga encompassed every aspect of my life of teaching and facilitation. When there is an opportunity to connect, to express, to embrace, and to bond – take it! Make sure you do not get ‘religious’ in your yoga.

Yoga is about mobilisation, connection, and keeping it real!

Where you there? Do you remember that night, or when we talked about it afterwards?

Happy Halloween. I See.I Be.I Love.  from Susan WANMER, Australian Senior Yogini and Coach.

Image shows Susan Wanmer Trainer, demonstrating Spinal movements for Back Pain Relief. Get this tool as a Fathers Day Gift.

Dads – How is your Back?

Prevent Back Pain. Get Back Pain Relief – for Dads!

Fathers Day is September in Australia, so if it is not that day for you, then enjoy this free tool for essential core posture anyway.

Thanks for Checking out this Important Tool!  As a longtime trainer in posture, wellness, health and pain relief, this is something I use daily with all my clients. More than half of my clients are men ranging from Dads of all ages, weekend warriors through to  professional and elite sportsmen.  Remember: ANY movement [including my ‘user-friendly Yoga’] that you do, is based on these movements being done carefully,  regularly, and well.

Looking after your BACK prevents BACK PAIN!

ge shows a Diagram taken from Susan Wanmer 'user-friendly yoga' trainer's Course Back Pain Relief Unit 2:Back Pain Relief: Free Fathers Day Tool of Spinal Movements
Back Pain Relief: Free Fathers Day Tool of Spinal Movements

Can you see that very first one at the top of the list? That is one of my ‘signature’ techniques and is called ‘SEEKING’. This is not simply standing up tall. This is creating a subtle, and constant feeling through your spine, that the top of your head is lifting the rest of you up to the ceiling.  Lift  through the  crown of your head, and you will activate your deep core postural muscles.

  1. SEEKING counteracts spinal direction 8 – Compression and activates your core strength. That helps prevent and gives relief from back pain.
  2. and 3. Sidebends Left and Right traction and warm your spine. These lateral spinal bend directions awaken your nerves, muscles and organs. Left first is best for your heart.

4. and 5. Rotate Left, rotate Right. MOST importantly before you ever do these: stand        tall with no lower back sway – and BREATHE!

6. Bending forward means the spine, not bending over to pick something up! Can you bend your spine forwards in the middle to lower part? You can easily bend the top part of your back – but that is slouching. If you can get the right spot here, you will feel tremendous relief. It won’t budge much as this is really stiff in every body. Don’t try to force it!

7. Backbending always needs to begin from my core postural activation direction of SEEKING. Anyone can bend [arch] their lower back – but that can often cause pain. Where you need to bend back [arch] is in the slouchy part of your upper back. That is between the shoulder blades. Bends in this part will enliven your lungs, lift your heart, lift your spirits, clear your mind, and help you breathe. Note- this will be a much more subtle bend than if you just squish your lower back.

8. and Compression is the spinal direction you want to avoid. Good old gravity is doing its job of pushing down on you all the time. Carrying heavy stuff compresses you more. If you are a Dad, that can include carrying your kids on your shoulders, any DIY or gardening job, and maybe even your work.

Sedentary work compresses your spine because sitting for long periods of time bends your spine in the wrong directions, compresses and numbs it. You’ve probably heard the new phrase that ‘sitting is the new smoking’…as in really bad for you.

If you are a physical worker and carry stuff on your shoulders, lift your arms and tools above your head, or carry heavy loads – all that extra load compresses your spine. In my experience, most men who work like this are constantly holding their breath to brace against the load. That sets up a whole other set of issues for your spine, back and health.

To help your back, overall posture, core activation, health and relationship, Create more LEVITY by doing the 7 spinal directions regularly. And Laugh more. …Levity – did you get the joke?

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Susan Wanmer helps you discover your love of yoga and wellness through her consultations and coaching. Brisbane, online.

Yoga as your ‘Task-Master’!

“Yoga is your Task Master”, I often tell my enthusiastic trainees….

What does that mean? It means that ‘Yoga’ in all its wisdom, will work on your body, mind, and ‘stuff’. You do not need to add yourself to the [Hatha] yoga that you do. The poses, and your mindset do the work for you. If you are familiar with the “No Pain, No Gain’ marketing indoctrination around your exercise, you will have some unlearning to do when you start yoga.

Yoga Wants All of YOU!
Yoga Wants All of YOU!

I am deliberately personalising Yoga when I speak of it, because in my experience, it is as though Yoga has a mind of its own. The requirement of us as students, is that we yield or surrender to ‘Yoga’. Yielding and surrendering are not popular concepts in the West. We are encultured to compete, lead, conquer, win, achieve, dominate, control, and a whole lot more. 

Adding ourselves – our own effort – to yoga is a little like thinking we know the Mind of God. How can we know the wisdom of the body. How on earth can we possibly hear and know all that we need. How can we foresee what is coming and prepare for it? We can’t. In our short-sightedness and lack of overview, we can only work on one aspect of ourselves. If our belief systems are not up-to-date, and if we apply yoga poses with an ‘achievement’, or ‘conquest’ mindset, we risk burning out, or injuring part of us. I have seen this time and time again.

Yoga is most effective when you relax your nervous system so there is not over-stimulation. Then be mindful of any extra effort, and ‘letting down’ is essential as well.

Your poses should be relaxed, but active – working you just outside your usual range of movement and usual comfort zone.

‘Rules’ of Yogic Practice

Work your Yoga Poses at the truthful level of your energy and ability.

Enter Hatha Yoga with your mind set to ‘enquiry’. Make each pose an enquiry as to what is going on, and how you feel. You do not need to answer or problem-solve. Just listening and observing with kindness creates a loving relationship with self.

Your breath is a really honest indicator of what is going on. If your breath changes too much, becomes harsh, then you have pushed yoga. Yoga will push back. It follows an irrefutable Law. So, listen for your breathing. Make sure it is soft, not raspy. Catch yourself when you are in the habit of holding your breath.

Seek to be ‘Firm, but Calm’ in your Yoga Poses….Active but Relaxed. That will make your Yoga sustainable and nourishing for your body, mind and self.

Susan Wanmer leads Yoga Retreats, highlights issues that challenge compassion and empathy and trains yoga teachers.
Susan Wanmer. Senior Facilitator in Wellness, Yoga, Work/ Life Balance Coaching and Mentoring.

Like to find out more? Yoga Instructor Training is available online, or group from late February 2014. Yoga Teacher Training resumes the next round in 2016. Find out more from Susan Wanmer, Yoga Leader and Senior Teacher








Masterclass: Teach Corporate and Diverse Groups with Ease!

Masterclass: Teach Corporate and Diverse Groups with Ease!

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