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Has your heart and conscience been opened? Philanthropy, Charity and Causes highlights Social Justice and Social Change issues. Discover the personal stories that touch hearts through Susan Wanmer’s Social Good blog. Learn what you can do to assist if yours is one of the hearts touched. #Responsibletravel #IseeIbeIlove #WhatisAustralia

Wealth Blueprint 1

There are Five parts to your Wealth Blueprint Journey.

This is Part 1! Read on, and take the test.

  1. See the ‘Lighthouse’ Scaffold that supports sustainable Wealth and Prosperity, then…
  2. The Blueprint to Build Business, or your Entrepreneur Journey of Wealth
    The Blueprint to Build Business, or your Entrepreneur Journey of Wealth

    Understand your Personal Wealth Profile.

  3. Learn  your Personal Life Genius.
  4. Recognise your predictable Success and Failure Patterns.
  5. Create and Map your Action Plan.

It goes without saying that Vision is part of this. Some of you will start with a Vision and a Passion. Others of you will start to form your best Vision once you have more idea of this structure. SW7 works with all personality preferences – that is what makes you unique!

Understanding the Scaffold that supports Business building, or your Entrepreneur’s levels , creates a clear Blueprint for your wealth and prosperity.

Even if you are one of the 5% of the population who is a  Risk-taker personality type, would you agree that no-one wants a risk that is foreseeable and could be avoided! ” Save the risk-taking for something exciting and fun – not a preventable drama in your life and business.” SW7

Click on the Wealth Dynamics Spectrum banner below, or my link highlighted in RED  at the very bottom of the post for the simple Questionnaire which reveals your Blueprint for the next steps…and where you have come from.

The Blueprint to Build Business, or your Entrepreneur Journey of Wealth
The Blueprint to Build Business, or your Entrepreneur Journey of Wealth

–Click Here for the Wealth Scaffold Reveal!–

This Questionnaire can be included as one of your chosen SW7 Strategies. Next step will be to Match you with your Wealth Profile. Have fun with this, and see you at our next catchup!

Image show Luxury Retreat pool for yoga sessions

‘The Minims Rest’ – Create Work/ LifeBalance

Imagine yourself sitting on wide verandahs looking out over the mountains. In the mornings, you will hear the native birds chirping. As the sun gets stronger, crickets are in your ears. You are protected from the heat inside the luxury eco-mansion with its high ceilings and wide traditional Australian wooden verandahs.

Image showsWide Wooden Verandah suits Yoga Classes to greet the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.
Wide Wooden Verandahs give you spaces to sit, to reflect. If you choose to, join the Yoga session which greets the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.



Picture a weekend where you create Time, and Space in your mind. A weekend where you truly have the chance to catch-up with yourself. You are resting, reflecting, letting down, unwinding. As the tiredness of your busy life hits you with a wave of exhaustion, a fresh juice and some gently regenerative yoga gently brings you into a natural, healthy, sustainable sense of energy, vitality and serenity. Suddenly, things don’t have changed gears, and you are learning how to do this in your everyday life.

Yoga to prep you for Christmas season.
Yoga for Work/ life Balance – every body catered for! 


A Minim Rest in music is a PAUSE  for 2 beats where ‘nothing’ happens. Music is so often used as an example for our lives. The most common analogy is that ‘without the pause between the notes, there would just be sound – there would be NO music, no melody’.

Is your life just sound, just the noisiness of lists of things to do, working, going from your shoulds and wondering about what you ‘could’ be doing differently?

THE Minim Rest (r) is a structured program for wellness, work/ life balance that is tailored to you specifically. It is an experience for you where you can place of part your life on hold, so that the ‘music’ – the healing part of your life gets to surface. What does that mean? It means that unless you allow the busy part of you to let down, then sickness is inevitable as this is the only down time available. If not sickness (and by that – have you had a holiday, or a few days off and spend the first few days getting ‘sick’) – then perhaps it is tension.

Muscular tension – sore neck, sore back, stiff muscles, creaking joints, are all a sign that your body is holding itself braced, ready for action – all the time.  For ‘balance’ your body needs to let down, let go. Not letting down becomes a cycle, and looking for solutions for muscle tightness are patching a symptom. In my experience, most people do not actually want stretching, they want FREEDOM.

Do you want the feeling of freedom you get in your body and your mind when you have have some time off, some time out, done some gentle movement, eaten some good food? Then, with my expert guidance on the Saturday and the Sunday – and the 8 weeks we will continue this ‘challenge’ in my follow-up, this is ‘The Minim Rest’ we will create for you.

See yourself having the Time-out you crave, need, and deserve. Join Susan Wanmer for your very own ‘Minim Rest’ – Saturday, Sunday 10 – 11 October

Book here for your spot $875    $475 for the 2 days with your implementation free as a bonus [valued at $897]  Value $1773 – Pre-launch price for 10 – 11 October $475. Click Here.

Drive from Brisbane CBD – an easy 35 minutes on gorgeous roads as you approach the venue. Choose a B + B in the Samford Valley to stay overnight. Or for the next 3 spaces remaining to receive the Pre-launch bonus of accommodation at the venue.

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 for all enquiries if you need more information!


Life by Design. Coaching to create your Dream!. Image shows Susan Wanmer in front of a sunset W [like her name].

Coaching – How to progress with 5 Peaks Coaching

Question: Coaching – Where do you start? How do you do it? Can I progress in Coaching?

Susan Wanmer of 5 Peaks Coaching answers: In my decades of working with clients to assist them through life’s obstacles and achieve the freedom, physically, mentally and emotionally that they desire, I have realised it is a journey. There is a stage where daily things are stopping you from fully exploring your life and potential, and there is a stage where things are ok, but you know inside there is something more, and something needs to change. I liken this to a range of mountains, and we are the mountain climbers!

You will see that I refer to my Coaching as “5 Peaks, or 5 Mountains”.

First Mountain, or first Peak you want to get to is all the annoying daily stuff that gets in your way. It can be family relationships, financial worries, job satisfaction, pains and niggles in your body, weight issues, relationship difficulties and communication problems, self-doubt, lack of confidence, bad luck or a string of things that use up your day, your energy so that you never really get to leave your Base camp and head for your higher goals.

Second Peak or mountain, is when you have those daily things sorted and life is going well. This is where you start to map your vision, stretch yourself a little. Where do you see yourself in your career, your relationship, your finances, your hobbies and pursuits? Typically this is where you start to Vision and work towards the ‘life of your Dreams’. For some it might be about dream holidays, working less to have more free time, buying toys for dreams hobbies – like jet skies or collectables. It might be about creating the work/lifebalance for your dream relationship and best life, best loves….What this looks like will differ for everyone and is not at all based on money. It always depends on what ‘success’ is for you, and what matters to you. For some it will be a mansion, for you, it might be a suntanned skin and a lighter workload.

Third Mountain is a sense that you have a purpose – there is a reason for your life, or that you feel drawn to do something more. Sometimes this is about ‘making a difference’, ‘giving back’, ‘leaving a legacy’. We can best focus on this when all the niggly, stuff of our lives is dealt with. We leave the other two mountains behind to climb to this peak….This is community. This is social conscience, social enterprises, being a global and/ or corporate citizen. Philanthopy, humanity and or course your lasting legacy are in this climb.

And I have 5 peaks, because I am not arsey enough to think the growth path ends there! I believe there is always more.

When you come into coaching with me, we start exactly where you are at. If you are a 3rd Mountain already and building your Legacy, we go there. However, with me as your guide, if something crops up that takes your oxygen – a niggle from your body, your mind, your relationship, a pain, or a niggly communication issue, we can go there. The ‘BaseCamp’ analogy is about building strength, support, fortitude, supplies, health, oxygen and space for you to reach those higher peaks.

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute discovery session. or 0410 570 441. Brisbane Australia – I work by Skype with clients outside of Brisbane to climb those moutains with you! Contact me – especially if you are the Executive level wanting solid results and no messing around to make changes.

If you would like to book a one-off Consultation before you book into Coaching, or if you are concerned about the commitment, they are available by arrangement for new clients. In a consultation, I will work with whatever issue is most on your mind. Consultations go for 75 mins by skype or in person, depending on your location. After that, not only will you have results from the session, but you will have a clear idea of how the 5 Peaks Coaching would work for you.


Evocatively Australian Coaching.

Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions.

Urgent Legal Appeal for Australian Farm Homestead

URGENT LEGAL APPEAL preceding the auction in a few days…read on…

In Queensland, New South Wales, and Outback Australia, they are 2 years into the worst drought in recorded history. There is much to this story, and you can read more details in Drought Diary here on Susan Wanmer’s blog.

Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions.
Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions. Certain and Grisly Death.

To fill you in QUICKLY on the personal story, I have linked directly to the historic Mount Morris page. They give their account of the drought, the brutal foreclosure by the bank, and the fact that  their property will be sold under their feet in a few days – unless they can fund a legal case against the bank and on behalf of other farmers in similar situations.

They have made not one single missed payment of the mortgage – the bank has changed the value of the property to being ‘not viable’ and used police to take them off.

Click on the link here to see their story, video, and quick ways to contribute if you are touched:


This is a bigger issue than if you eat steak or not. This touches on property rights, legal rights and the Freedom of Speech to feel unafraid to ask for help when needed.

If this touches your heart and you would like to help, share this post, and give to the “Fighting Fund” they have set up. Even $5 or $10 helps and it can assist setting up a precedent for other farmers and property rights.

Australian Drought – Urgent Legal Help Needed. Click here:

Australian Drought - Urgent Legal Help Needed
Australian Drought – Urgent Legal Help Needed


Artisan Farming ‘Cooking the Books’ ?

Artisan farmers “Cooking the Books”

If you are a gourmet Foodie, environmentalist, love animals, or yoga enthusiast, this post and this video attached touches on all those elements – and fired me up to share and write. Set in America – this 176 year old farmhouse and land is making a statement for global freedom of choice around food, health, profit.

Sustainable Artisan Organic Farming.
Sustainable Artisan Organic Farming.

Today I saw a post that brought me to tears. It included a sober and factual video from a trained Cordon Bleu chef taking over his family farm in America. What struck me was that the farmer is practicing sustainable farming AND preserving Heritage Breeds of farm animals. His farm will be forced to close if he cannot raise funds to buy his family farm. This is despite the fact he is making a good profit and has customers from around the region buying his traditionally raised and sustainably-farmed meats.

“If the farm survives, I personally pledge to run a Yoga Gourmet Food Retreat there. Foodies and Yoga lovers unite! Imagine what an experience that would be…Cordon Bleu, experience the working Farm, Heritage Breeds, Quality Yoga personalised for an intimate group on the property itself. Susan Wanmer”

Farms, and our food, strike right at the core of our basic essential needs for life, health, and quality of life. His story is that when he applied for a Govt loan, they used a benchmark of ‘Industry Standards’ for profit margins. Someone showing that an individual farm can make money in a traditional way, challenges the corporate, industrialised farming practice that makes enormous amounts of money through sheer volume. This is done at the sacrifice of the animals welfare, loss of traditional ties between farm, animals, land and food, and loss of taste and nutrition.

Remember when farms looked like this picture of mother cow and calf in the field. Support sustainable Artisan farmers.
Remember when farms looked like this?

Industry standard for farming means that the high intensity, factory-farmed systems have become ‘normal’, ‘standard’ practice. Raising pastured animals does not fit their criteria.

Why does that bring me to tears? As a yoga leader, my work is around connecting and re-sensitising people to themselves, their bodies, those around them, and their environment. It is only when re-sensitised that we can feel, have empathy and compassion. Compassion and empathy help guide our choices as humans – what we put in our own bodies, how we eat, how we act, how we treat others.

The fact that his choice to farm in a traditional way is disallowed, disallows our individual rights of choice around this primary need – what we eat. Control of our food choices, shakes the foundations of freedoms.

If government, corporations, or any external force dictates what we must eat, how it is raised/ farmed without consultation, consideration and respect of the individual, they are taking away basic freedoms.

Follow me as I write more about these issues. And comment if there are other places like this you would like to bring awareness to and visit with me.

For the moment, Neil Perrin and his American Artisan Heritage Farm is a symbol for all farms and foods globally that are at risk of being overtaken. His video is on a page that is also set up to request financial support….at the very least watch the video, see the breeds he talks about (there are less in existence than Pandas for some old breeds), and hear the facts.

Here is the link:

Susan Wanmer leads Yoga Retreats, highlights issues that challenge compassion and empathy and trains yoga teachers.
Susan Wanmer Yoga Leader and Trainer

Share if you can, open your heart, support if you are able.

Susan Wanmer