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Valentine’s Seminar: The Love Filled Life

 Valentines Day Interactive Seminar

The Love-Filled Life 

Do you want a relationship? Or are you looking to date, mate, or resolve some relationship patterns? The modern relationship needs skills to maintain it, and I can offer you the best of my 15 years experience with couples and singles. Conscious relationships are satisfying, rewarding and life-enhancing.  Do you know that Relationships follow ‘laws’ – just like gravity – and if you follow the ‘laws’, you will create a love-filled life.

In my experience as a Relationship consultant, one of the biggest life improvements I see is the shift when clients go from ‘survival’ mentality, to ‘compassion’. It is almost like two different camps, and certainly they work from different parts of your brain and nervous system. Your ability to feel love improves, but also your body and your health. 


Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!
Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!


To live the love-filled life, and to find fulfilling intimate relationships, learning exactly what the HEART is, how to connect to your heart, and from your heart is the next skill.

Add knowing your NEEDS, and how to meet your partner’s needs and things are looking good! Put some solid communication strategies around yourself for great listening and expressing your needs, and you’ll find your relationship skills flow into every aspect of your life – and things improve all round. 

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I have bundled these techniques together into two entertaining and highly interactive seminars. Part consulting, part neuroscience, part Yoga Bliss, this Wednesday is the first and here is what you’ll experience

  • How to recognise ‘Survival’ , What’s Bad about it, and how to shift into Compassion. 
  • Understanding the Heart. 5 Heart Qualities for more Resilient Love
  • Defining the Conscious Relationship. How to date, or how to deepen your Conscious love using Heart-centred Meditations
  • Intimacy and tantric basics of Communication
  • What ‘Breathing’ has to do with dating and love. 
  • Listening and the Art of Compassionate Communication
  • If you haven’t written your Instruction Manual yet, let’s start Your Book of Needs  at this Seminar! 

Date: Wednesday 3 February 2016

Time: 6.30 pm – 9.15 pm

Location: Worklifebalance, 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane.

Who: Anyone who wants to love more, fight less, find love. [No previous relationship experience necessary].

Be prepared to: Take notes, ask questions, participate, learn, and laugh. Experience the guided Heart Meditation, put some communications skills into practice and find out why you MUST know your NEEDS for a love-filled life. [It’s not what you think!].

Cost: $75 pre-Valentine’s special [usually $275]

Booking: Click Here.

Your needs: There are chairs and cushions at our venue. You are welcome to bring food, coffee, tea so that you have a relaxed, social, interactive life-changing evening! There is a coffee shop upstairs if you need something, and of course, Paddington, Park Road and Rosalie next door if you want to get something or if you decide to get a coffee after the seminar.

Contact: Susan Wanmer, Relationships coach 0410 570 441

Image shows an attendee with Susan Wanmer, doing a gided meditation for the Vision Board Workshop.

Vision Boards Manifest your Dreams. Workshop.

Got Big Plans? Let’s Manifest them into your life. Do you believe you are the ‘Author of your Life’, the artist who creates, the architect who builds your life? If you believe you can PROACTIVELY help Design your year, and the events that come into your year, then let’s create a tangible and visible manifestion of your deeper desires.

Image shows workshop attendees deep in thought choosing their Visions at the Susan Wanmer 'Manifestation' workshop.
Create a Visible and Tangible Vision for your Year. VisionBoards Manifest your deeper desires!

Bring New Year’s Resolutions to LIFE now that the 2016 Year has settled in! A joy for the senses, an experience that taps you into the deeper part of yourself, at just the right time of year, to set you on the path you desire in your relationship, health, lifestyle, your work….body…

What you Vision, you absolutely Manifest. Design the 2016 of your Desires.

Visualising is essential, manifesting your vision into reality via a vision board or vision book creates action, making it real. The ‘universe’ and your brain reward and recognise actions. Embodying how life is different when you have reached your goals, makes it real for your body and cells.

  • Create the Vision Board, Vision Book, Digital Vision Board of the life you really want.
  • You will embody each step – from the Values that underpin your desires, to the reality of living the life you create in the steps of this Interactive workshop.
  • By the end, you will have accessed your deeper design for your life.
  • Create a real or online Vision Board, or a Vision Book.
  • Identify and rise over [under my expert guidance], potential sabotages that would block your Vision.
  • What you feel, you create –  you will make sure in the 5 key areas of your life, that it is everything you want, by design!

Date: Sunday 31 January 2016. 10 am – 1.30 pm

Location: ‘Worklifebalance’, 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane

Price: Investment for the Workshop that gives more than just ‘resolutions’:  Discounted -$110.  Book here.

Discount: Know someone who needs to do this? Bring a friend for extra empowerment, and pay just $75 each! I’ll discount it to $150 for two of you.

Bring: Chart paper or book, mags, pics, glue, scissors. I have all of this is you don’t have much to bring! You’re welcome to bring snacks or buy from the Coffee shop above us. You could create using Pinterest online. If so, bring computer and internet connection or ask me about wifi.


Susan WANMER. Kinesiologist. Coach. Yogini

0410 570 441

Image shows Susan Wanmer teaching the Anatomy of Yoga at Halloween, and asking "why do we find skeletons creepy? " !

Halloween in Australia

Tonight I went to the shop at dusk and the guys in the car next to me got out with bandages on their head – and blood on their clothes…  I was completely sucked in and didn’t realise it was Halloween!

Image shows Susan Wanmer teaching the Anatomy of Yoga at Halloween, and asking "why do we find skeletons creepy? " !
Why Do We Think Skeletons are Creepy?

I’m just back from Paris, so of course memories of the years I spent working in Paris are foremost in my mind.

Back in the eighties, I taught exercise and danse in several top Parisian venues, but my favourite group, from a regional class, I taught the ‘Timewarp’ sequence to.  For an excursion, we dressed up in costume, took le train from Combs la Ville, and then Le Metro to a cult cinema showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  My students had never seen the movie [40 years old this year in 2015!], but they knew it well from my describing it in our classes.

One of the highlight aspects in the cult Parisian cinema, were the members in the audience who knew the script by heart and asked “Where’s the Rope” just before the rope was dropped, and got up on stage so as to be part of the movie.

Those memories for me and for my students were back in the early eighties in Paris……

Fast-track from Danse Moderne in Paris, to 2015 Yoga classes in Australia. I don’t remember why, but something in the 6 pm Yoga class last year incited a “jump to the left….” and when we opened the door for the 7.20 pm class, we gave them the Rocky Horror rendition of the transition from one standing Yoga pose to another.

Image shows Halloween Skeleton Flexible Freddy teaching Yoga Anatomy, with Mookie the Puppy!
Flexible Freddy teaching Yoga Anatomy, with Mookie the Puppy!

Even if the 7.20 Pm Yoga class didn’t understand, the fact was that my Australian Yoga encompassed every aspect of my life of teaching and facilitation. When there is an opportunity to connect, to express, to embrace, and to bond – take it! Make sure you do not get ‘religious’ in your yoga.

Yoga is about mobilisation, connection, and keeping it real!

Where you there? Do you remember that night, or when we talked about it afterwards?

Happy Halloween. I See.I Be.I Love.  from Susan WANMER, Australian Senior Yogini and Coach.

Image shows Pink Roses and recommends your use Year long Valentine's Day Techniques build Connection and LOVE!

Practicing Intimacy. Tantric Basics for Date Nights

Practicing Intimacy. Tantric Basics for Date Nights

Do Date Nights seem all too hard? Maybe because the common approach is on things you can Do. But if you are not in a good space, or tired, or busy, you need help to discover and learn who you BE, not more groupon suggestions. When you are comfortable with who you BE, then what you Do, and how you ARE in your relationship becomes so much more rewarding!

Image shows Pink Roses and recommends your use Year long Valentine's Day Techniques build Connection and LOVE!
Year long Valentine’s Day Techniques build Connection and LOVE!
Tantric Communication Basics build Intimacy

The basic ingredients for your successful life, will be the same essential ingredients for your successful relationship. If I am just helping you with ‘life’ issues, I will use the terms Connection, Breathing, Presence, Emotional Intelligence, The Gap, Neuroscience….but because we are specifically talking relationships, I am going to use the terms of Tantra.

Why? Because the tantric stream of Yoga is where all of these skills are held, and because you will want to take your connection and love deeper into your sexuality and this is the logical tantric sequencing.

I’m using the idea of ‘Celebrity Interviews’ – as though you would Interview your celebrity [partner] to find out things you don’t know about them. Turning this around, I am focusing on you talking about aspects of yourself to your partner.

How To Share Something about Yourself in a Tantric/ Intimate Way

If you’ve lost connection, then tell me, when is the last time you tapped into your own feelings and shared them with your partner in an authentic way? And, if you have shared your feelings, have you honoured the sharing by creating the correct environment for this eg: in a ‘talking circle’ – for two! If you have already created the ritual of talking circle, have you used a talking stick? [The idea behind a talking stick is that the person holding it is the one who speaks. Ideally, it then gets passed from one to the other so the roles of speaker and listener are clearly defined by the physical object.]

This one idea of ‘sharing’ can break down into smaller and smaller activities until you end up with Date Night being a night where you ‘float the idea that….” and see what comes up.

Your Tantric ‘sharing’ Date Night goes like this…

♥…..Approach your partner and invite them to go to a special, and comfortable place on the floor with cushions if you need. The atmosphere and environment is ambient and appealing. Connect to yourself with belly breath, relax your eyes and face and muscles, soften your eyes. Smile – inside and out. Sit with your partner in tantric position one: kneeling or cross-legged. Breathe and look into each other’s eyes. Breathe. Keep softening and relaxing your eyes and face and body. Smile – inside and out, again. Remember you have in front of you a sacred human person you have dedicated your love to.

This space you are both sitting in, is now your ‘talking circle’ because that is your intention.
Pick up your talking stick and share some awarenesses about yourself that you have realised, but have not shared with your intimate partner. Breathe. Speak feelings, not thoughts. “I have become aware that I FEEL……”♥…..

PAUSE. Backtrack….This ‘Step 13’, might work for you or it mightn’t depending on how comfortable you are with ‘connecting’ and if your partner is open to new and deeper activities than movies and dinners! Here are the steps to follow to create this event. Each of the 12 steps could be a date night activity in itself. They are written in reverse order, so if you prefer, scroll down and read up from Number 1.

12. Make a talking stick with your partner. [Make it special, sacred, and use it together and ritualistically to talk about ‘special’ things on other date times.]

11. Go and look for objects together. Eg a stick, feathers, rocks, beads, paint, glue, coloured paper……. You could share this idea, or make the ‘looking for’ a mystery surprise and don’t tell them the end goal – leave that for a different date.

10. Float the idea of making a talking stick together to bring some ritual into your intimate communications.

9. Find pictures, an article, or use an object to show your partner what a talking stick could be for you. [I can help you here – ask me for examples.]

8. Invite your partner into your specially selected spot and sit together in your tantric connection position. Breathe, smile. Touch hands or hands on hearts if you can reach.

7. Float the idea of sitting together in tantric position, or hugging spoon position while you relax and breathe – just to connect. If it feels awkward, weird, artificial, strange, embarassing…..then say ‘I feel vulnerable about asking this as it feels awkward/ weird/ artificial/ strange/ embarassing….and then request they sit with you. Make it fun. Stay playful. Make it joyful. [Remember I am not speaking to experts here, I want to help you get over this hurdles and if this doesn’t apply, just scroll on by :)]

6. Practice your sitting position and time how long you can stay seated for? Kneeling, cross-legged….do you or your partner prefer a chairs? What do you need to make you comfortable for 6 minutes? What do you imagine your partner would need to be comfortable for up to 6 minutes unbroken sitting time?

5. Breathe, connect your heart and go find your partner and hold them for a twenty second hug. Look into their eyes while you breathe and imagine your brain connecting to your breath and heart, and imagine your two hearts connecting. You could introduce this by saying ‘I am practicing something new!’, Or ‘I am practicing loving you’, ‘I just love you’, ‘I realise I don’t hug you enough’, ‘I realise I haven’t really held you for a long time’, ‘This feels weird for me, and I really appreciate you can stay with me for this hug’…….

4. Research what you need to make your spot comfortable. Cushions/ chairs, insect repellant, doors/ windows closed or locked, odours, wraps or rugs or cooling for the right temperature. Tissues. Is there water on hand?

3. Choose a spot in your home, garden or favourite spot that you would like to use a your ‘talking spot’.

2. Breathing, Imagine your brain connecting to your breath and your own neglected heart. Imagine your two hearts connecting.

1. Practice – at least twice daily – breathing into your belly [diaphragmatic breath].

Your intimate committed relationship is not something you just tack onto your life in the evenings or weekends. It is an intertwining of the essence of two special human beings weaving lives together. Your weave can create rough hessian, or fine tapestry. 50% of that weave comes from you.

If you want to move your sexuality out of wham bam, or non-existent, the skills in the list above include the mindset shift and skills of connection that then move from the connection to yourself, to deep connection through sensuality and sexuality with your partner. Let’s start with these basic skills and let’s start with you.

Want more ideas, or have I not covered this in the way you needed? Ask me what you need to know. More tips on Date Nights for Busy People, read this quick post!

Susan Wanmer. Relationships Coach, Relationships blogger. Yogini.

Gift Vouchers - the Gift of Health

One-on-one Personal Consultations February Sale

Welcome to a Vibrant 2015. I don’t know why, but I have had a lot of enquiries over the past 3 weeks for Private Consultations. In December I made a small number of consultations available for Gift Vouchers – and I have decided to repeat the offer now until the end of February. Buy now and use any time before the end of May for yourself, or give as a gift. Limited Editions, you can use the Consultation time for clarity around any of my expert topics.

Susan Wanmer helps you discover your love of yoga and wellness through her consultations and coaching. Brisbane.
Private Consultations – Limited Edition

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to look into Relationships. Yoga is an ever-popular request, and I can do a mini-program tailored just for you. Work/life Balance, Stress Management, Meditation, Makeovers for your health or image, Food and What to Eat….are just some of the topics I can work on with you.

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Gift Voucher – Personal Wellness Consultation
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