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Valentine’s Seminar: The Love Filled Life

 Valentines Day Interactive Seminar

The Love-Filled Life 

Do you want a relationship? Or are you looking to date, mate, or resolve some relationship patterns? The modern relationship needs skills to maintain it, and I can offer you the best of my 15 years experience with couples and singles. Conscious relationships are satisfying, rewarding and life-enhancing.  Do you know that Relationships follow ‘laws’ – just like gravity – and if you follow the ‘laws’, you will create a love-filled life.

In my experience as a Relationship consultant, one of the biggest life improvements I see is the shift when clients go from ‘survival’ mentality, to ‘compassion’. It is almost like two different camps, and certainly they work from different parts of your brain and nervous system. Your ability to feel love improves, but also your body and your health. 


Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!
Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!


To live the love-filled life, and to find fulfilling intimate relationships, learning exactly what the HEART is, how to connect to your heart, and from your heart is the next skill.

Add knowing your NEEDS, and how to meet your partner’s needs and things are looking good! Put some solid communication strategies around yourself for great listening and expressing your needs, and you’ll find your relationship skills flow into every aspect of your life – and things improve all round. 

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I have bundled these techniques together into two entertaining and highly interactive seminars. Part consulting, part neuroscience, part Yoga Bliss, this Wednesday is the first and here is what you’ll experience

  • How to recognise ‘Survival’ , What’s Bad about it, and how to shift into Compassion. 
  • Understanding the Heart. 5 Heart Qualities for more Resilient Love
  • Defining the Conscious Relationship. How to date, or how to deepen your Conscious love using Heart-centred Meditations
  • Intimacy and tantric basics of Communication
  • What ‘Breathing’ has to do with dating and love. 
  • Listening and the Art of Compassionate Communication
  • If you haven’t written your Instruction Manual yet, let’s start Your Book of Needs  at this Seminar! 

Date: Wednesday 3 February 2016

Time: 6.30 pm – 9.15 pm

Location: Worklifebalance, 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane.

Who: Anyone who wants to love more, fight less, find love. [No previous relationship experience necessary].

Be prepared to: Take notes, ask questions, participate, learn, and laugh. Experience the guided Heart Meditation, put some communications skills into practice and find out why you MUST know your NEEDS for a love-filled life. [It’s not what you think!].

Cost: $75 pre-Valentine’s special [usually $275]

Booking: Click Here.

Your needs: There are chairs and cushions at our venue. You are welcome to bring food, coffee, tea so that you have a relaxed, social, interactive life-changing evening! There is a coffee shop upstairs if you need something, and of course, Paddington, Park Road and Rosalie next door if you want to get something or if you decide to get a coffee after the seminar.

Contact: Susan Wanmer, Relationships coach 0410 570 441

Image shows a yoga handstand at Susan Wanmer's Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat. Yoga, Meditations.

Urban Retreat. Yoga, Wellness, Meditations.

Too busy to go on Retreat, but you want the benefits. Like to do Yoga everyday so that it builds your vitality? Want to start Meditations, or to deepen, but don’t have the time? Holidays behind you now and the year is stretching out in front of you…?

Susan Wanmer
Susan Wanmer leading a Tropical Retreat. This is feel of the Yoga you will be doing on your exotic Urban Retreat!

You can have the ‘Retreat’ experience and still go into your working day, or get the kids to school with this ‘Urban Retreat’ [non-residential], in Brisbane.

See the photo of the Tropical Retreat? We are going to use guided imagery, meditations, visualisation added to your ‘Retreat Checklist’ and daily yoga to create your very own retreat experience*.

Every attendee who books for the week, will receive their very own checklist by Sunday 30th, with extra tips of how to make the most of the Urban Retreat week.

Then, just turn up at either of the early morning timeslots and prepare to enjoy carefully worked out Yoga – perfect for this time of year. Different guided Meditations daily will enhance your mind/body experience.

Dates: Mon 1 – Thurs 4 February 2016 [Plus bonus by email Sunday and Friday to start and finish].

  • Times: Choose 5.40 am, or 7 am. Sessions run 1 hour 10 mins.
  • Location: ‘WorkLifeBalance’ 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane
  • Price: $97 for the Retreat [bring a friend, and pay just $87]
  • Booking: Click here!

Wear your workout gear. Details of what to eat before the sessions will be part of your checklist. If you have any questions, just contact me on 0410 570 441.

*The Urban Retreat concept is a non-residential retreat. 

Image shows the sunset at the eco-Yoga luxury retreat, with Susan Wanmer, yogini.

Breathtaking Wellness Weekend

Just home after facilitating “The Minim Rest(r)” Wellness and Work/life Balance Program. Feedback was the the luxury venue nestled into the mountains “took my breath away”. Sometimes it is really important to pull back, let down from the busyness of life, to remember beauty, smell fragrant herbs and flowers, indulge in some radical self-care.


Image shows the luxury eco-mansion whereThe Minim Rest. Work/life balance Coaching by Susan Wanmer was held
The Minim Rest. Work/life balance Coaching by Susan Wanmer


The weird thing is that, sometimes when there is less going on, the body and mind start to unwind and for some part of you, that can feel unusual, or you could feel ‘vulnerable’. However, we flowed through the weekend with plenty of free time, delicious live food and beverages carefully selected to maximise energy and minimise caffeine withdrawal, tiredness or potential headaches.

And, we negotiated ‘vulnerability’ with grace, style  and wisdom. What does that mean? That means than rather than rushing back to the rushing around lifestyle, we were able to pause, to breathe, and to let the other aspects of self speak out….

The outcome? Dreams were hatched…..hearts were connected. Now we begin a new event and a new phase for everyone to see what can hatch when you ‘Pause’. An 8 week “Challenge’ for practical work/life balance tips starts up this week, with a webinar on Wednesday 7 pm. To find out more, contact Susan on 0410 570 441!

Image show Luxury Retreat pool for yoga sessions

‘The Minims Rest’ – Create Work/ LifeBalance

Imagine yourself sitting on wide verandahs looking out over the mountains. In the mornings, you will hear the native birds chirping. As the sun gets stronger, crickets are in your ears. You are protected from the heat inside the luxury eco-mansion with its high ceilings and wide traditional Australian wooden verandahs.

Image showsWide Wooden Verandah suits Yoga Classes to greet the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.
Wide Wooden Verandahs give you spaces to sit, to reflect. If you choose to, join the Yoga session which greets the day, or to end the Day as the moon rises.



Picture a weekend where you create Time, and Space in your mind. A weekend where you truly have the chance to catch-up with yourself. You are resting, reflecting, letting down, unwinding. As the tiredness of your busy life hits you with a wave of exhaustion, a fresh juice and some gently regenerative yoga gently brings you into a natural, healthy, sustainable sense of energy, vitality and serenity. Suddenly, things don’t have changed gears, and you are learning how to do this in your everyday life.

Yoga to prep you for Christmas season.
Yoga for Work/ life Balance – every body catered for! 


A Minim Rest in music is a PAUSE  for 2 beats where ‘nothing’ happens. Music is so often used as an example for our lives. The most common analogy is that ‘without the pause between the notes, there would just be sound – there would be NO music, no melody’.

Is your life just sound, just the noisiness of lists of things to do, working, going from your shoulds and wondering about what you ‘could’ be doing differently?

THE Minim Rest (r) is a structured program for wellness, work/ life balance that is tailored to you specifically. It is an experience for you where you can place of part your life on hold, so that the ‘music’ – the healing part of your life gets to surface. What does that mean? It means that unless you allow the busy part of you to let down, then sickness is inevitable as this is the only down time available. If not sickness (and by that – have you had a holiday, or a few days off and spend the first few days getting ‘sick’) – then perhaps it is tension.

Muscular tension – sore neck, sore back, stiff muscles, creaking joints, are all a sign that your body is holding itself braced, ready for action – all the time.  For ‘balance’ your body needs to let down, let go. Not letting down becomes a cycle, and looking for solutions for muscle tightness are patching a symptom. In my experience, most people do not actually want stretching, they want FREEDOM.

Do you want the feeling of freedom you get in your body and your mind when you have have some time off, some time out, done some gentle movement, eaten some good food? Then, with my expert guidance on the Saturday and the Sunday – and the 8 weeks we will continue this ‘challenge’ in my follow-up, this is ‘The Minim Rest’ we will create for you.

See yourself having the Time-out you crave, need, and deserve. Join Susan Wanmer for your very own ‘Minim Rest’ – Saturday, Sunday 10 – 11 October

Book here for your spot $875    $475 for the 2 days with your implementation free as a bonus [valued at $897]  Value $1773 – Pre-launch price for 10 – 11 October $475. Click Here.

Drive from Brisbane CBD – an easy 35 minutes on gorgeous roads as you approach the venue. Choose a B + B in the Samford Valley to stay overnight. Or for the next 3 spaces remaining to receive the Pre-launch bonus of accommodation at the venue.

Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441 for all enquiries if you need more information!


Gift Vouchers - the Gift of Health

One-on-one Personal Consultations February Sale

Welcome to a Vibrant 2015. I don’t know why, but I have had a lot of enquiries over the past 3 weeks for Private Consultations. In December I made a small number of consultations available for Gift Vouchers – and I have decided to repeat the offer now until the end of February. Buy now and use any time before the end of May for yourself, or give as a gift. Limited Editions, you can use the Consultation time for clarity around any of my expert topics.

Susan Wanmer helps you discover your love of yoga and wellness through her consultations and coaching. Brisbane.
Private Consultations – Limited Edition

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to look into Relationships. Yoga is an ever-popular request, and I can do a mini-program tailored just for you. Work/life Balance, Stress Management, Meditation, Makeovers for your health or image, Food and What to Eat….are just some of the topics I can work on with you.

To purchase right now, click here. Available in Limited 1 Hour, or Ultra Limited 2 Hour Timeslots :

I’m really excited to announce that I have re-opened my books for the first time in over a year, to make these few spaces available – and you do not have to live near me to access them. As long as you can access SKYPE, this Voucher can be bought for anyone, anywhere to receive the Gift of Health….Men and Women. No previous knowledge required – just a desire to be the best they can be and have the most vitality or to overcome something. Let me do the rest!

Gift Voucher – Personal Wellness Consultation
Gift Voucher – Personal Wellness Consultation. Men or Women! Limited Number
Gift Vouchers ‘Time’ with Susan Wanmer – Topics include Wellness, Yoga, WorkLifeBalance, Relationships, Visioning…. to purchase, click here right now:

Buy the Ultimate Gift of Wellness, Gift of Clarity, Gift of Yoga. Invest in your 2015 Health and Wellbeing with a tried and tested expert consultant. Gift Vouchers for Valued Friends, family – or yourself! These are not only rare, but currently discounted. LIMITED EDITION. The Appointment Book closed over 18 months ago, and there have been no appointments available since 2013. Once these are sold-out, my time is available in limited monthly coaching packages only. You can’t BUY an appointment with me once this offer ends.

These spots available only until the end of February (but you can use them until the end of May 2015). Valid for a personal consultation on any topic, using any or all of the skills that make me a Trusted Advisor for so many people’s health, wellness, yoga and life issues. Multiple purchases are ok. Purchase now, must be used by 31 May 2015.

To purchase, click here: Valid to use until 31 May. What are you waiting for? Susan Wanmer Brisbane, Australia.

0410 570 441