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5 Peaks Coaching takes you through the valleys of your challenges and climbs the Peaks with you. Typical Peaks are High-level Health and Wellness, Relationships and Communication, Job Satisfaction, Time Management and Career Path, and Meaning and Purpose when you have what you want and what you need and want to go further. Susan Wanmer brings Meaning and Purpose to Corporate Execs and CEOs through Coaching and Mentoring. High-level skills. Highly experienced – great results!

Image shows the Aqua Yoga group practicing the Art of Relaxation in the clear blue Pool.

Teach AQUA YOGA! Learn How Here.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training in AQUA YOGA. This Weekend Certificate Course is open to Yoga Teachers & Yoga Teaching Trainees. You will be able to teach Aqua Yoga upon Successful Completion of this Intensive.

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan Wanmer
Aqua Yoga Teacher Training with Susan WANMER

Yoga Teachers and Trainees! Expand your Teaching Opportunities with Professional and very Popular Aqua Yoga Training. FEATURED at the Yoga Australia Conference 2016, and available to a limited number at Sunshine Coast, Australia in October 2016.

Using Susan Wanmer’s Specially adapted Methodology, you will quickly learn to assess your group for risk and injury. You will easily decide which Yoga Asanas to adapt for your Group on any given day, making each class perfect for your students! Expand your teaching repetoire. Earn more money by offering private Aqua Yoga sessions at your student’s homes or Public pools. Non-Yoga Studio people are attracted to the water environment because the support and low impact for sore joints, injuries, or bigger students just makes sense.

Help your students build confidence, learn the essence of Yoga asana, breath, mindset, meditation/ relaxation immersed in the wondrous medium of water!

Get creative! You can carefully transition your students onto land using my same, therapeutic Teaching methodology.

SUNSHINE COAST PILOT GROUP PRICE Discounted . Offered only at the Intensive: 1 – 2 OCTOBER 2016.


Enquire about Aqua Yoga Training

Image showsSusan WANMER Aqua Yoga for the Yoga Australia Conference 2016

Yoga Australia Conference: Aqua Yoga Leader

Susan Wanmer: Leading with Wisdom

    • Image shows Senior Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Elder, Susan Wanmer, at a gorgeous pool, inviting EVERYONE to try her AQUA YOGA/ Water Yoga sessions!
      Senior Yoga Teacher/ Yoga Elder, Susan Wanmer, invites EVERYONE to try her AQUA YOGA/ Water Yoga sessions!

      Susan Wanmer pictured

    • Susan Wanmer’s presents ‘Aqua Yoga’ at  the National  Yoga Australia Conference 2016

    Susan Wanmer has worked full-time facilitating Yoga for over 24 years. Now, as a Senior Yoga Teacher, and recognised as a wise elder, she works passionately promoting Australian Yoga through her trainings, workshops and retreats.

    Although not a member of Yoga Australia, she has been asked to present a session for Conference attendees that models ‘Leading a group with Wisdom’ – in keeping with the theme of the  2016 Yoga Australia National Conference. Susan will do that via a session of ‘Aqua Yoga’.

    Weekly, she guides a very mixed level group through her therapeutic ‘Aqua Yoga’ in the water. Many attendees cannot do regular exercise, yoga in a studio, or even swim, due to various health issues, so Susan’s skill as a senior teacher and leader is on display here weekly.

    Passionate about her clients and her work, Susan’s mission has always been about providing a bridge between ‘mainstream’ exercise and the delights of the yoga world. Susan introduced the very first yoga classes into gyms in Brisbane, was the first to provide a ‘rest and recovery’ Yoga program for a professional Rugby League team for many years, and continues to use yoga as one of her tools to create wellness and meaning for top corporate executives through her current coaching.

    In 2015 Susan hosted the official United Nations Inaugural International Day of Yoga. In keeping with the theme of the United Nations, and the World Health Organisation, Susan follows the “anybody, any time, any ability, anywhere” distillation of essential yoga practice. With this versatile, yet authentic approach, she has been called on by Brisbane City Council to provide Doga [Yoga with Dogs], Aqua Yoga programs, interviewed by ABC and various magazines on ‘Work/lifebalance’, ‘Doga’, ‘Aqua Yoga’, and most recently done an on-air audio ‘beginning yoga’ advice on Australian Shout-a-Mate Radio.

    Susan has a distinct Methodology that her trainees, students, and teachers embody. Her ‘mindset’, or approach to Yoga is really important, and many corporate clients find they are ‘IN’ yoga before they realise, because they follow the mindset keys to setting up a yoga pose.

    Image shows Aqua Yoga Session with Susan Wanmer, for Yoga Australia Conference 2016
    Aqua Yoga Session with Susan Wanmer, for Yoga Australia Conference 2016. Waiting for the 6.30 am attendees!

    This same distillation of yoga comes through in her Aqua Yoga. Using the elements of resistance, buoyancy, fluidity, support and feeling, Susan draws on this water medium to connect participant’s minds to their bodies, their breath. They let down, let go, and learn what yoga – and the medium of water  – can give them. “It is a five-star resort kind of feeling!” says Susan, “but available anytime, anywhere”.

    Susan Wanmer’s Aqua Yoga works entirely with the benefits of water, and so supports the physical body. Expect that a session with her in the water, flushes your lymphatic system, enhances bio-feedback, builds tone, core strength, plus cardio, as well as bringing the stress management side of Yoga to you as well.

    Combining her long background as a Kinesiology Therapist, plus Yoga Trainer, Susan’s Aqua Yoga/ Water Yoga stimulates brain integration, playfulness, which enhance neuro-plasticity, mindfulness, and encourage the deeper connection to the embryological anatomy deep within.

    Experience this session for Yoga Teachers with Susan Wanmer in Crown Plaza’s Gold Tower pool at the Yoga Australia Conference 2016, held at the Gold Coast for the first time.

    Please Note: Expressions of Interest to Learn how to Teach Aqua Yoga/ Water Yoga open after Easter 2016. This module is open to Yoga Teachers or students, Swimming Instructors and Personal Trainers. To find out more about deepening your personal interest in YOGA, or mentoring for teaching, contact Susan WANMER on, or 0410 570441. WEBSITE:

Valentine’s Seminar: The Love Filled Life

 Valentines Day Interactive Seminar

The Love-Filled Life 

Do you want a relationship? Or are you looking to date, mate, or resolve some relationship patterns? The modern relationship needs skills to maintain it, and I can offer you the best of my 15 years experience with couples and singles. Conscious relationships are satisfying, rewarding and life-enhancing.  Do you know that Relationships follow ‘laws’ – just like gravity – and if you follow the ‘laws’, you will create a love-filled life.

In my experience as a Relationship consultant, one of the biggest life improvements I see is the shift when clients go from ‘survival’ mentality, to ‘compassion’. It is almost like two different camps, and certainly they work from different parts of your brain and nervous system. Your ability to feel love improves, but also your body and your health. 


Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!
Part Yoga Bliss, Part Neuroscience!


To live the love-filled life, and to find fulfilling intimate relationships, learning exactly what the HEART is, how to connect to your heart, and from your heart is the next skill.

Add knowing your NEEDS, and how to meet your partner’s needs and things are looking good! Put some solid communication strategies around yourself for great listening and expressing your needs, and you’ll find your relationship skills flow into every aspect of your life – and things improve all round. 

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I have bundled these techniques together into two entertaining and highly interactive seminars. Part consulting, part neuroscience, part Yoga Bliss, this Wednesday is the first and here is what you’ll experience

  • How to recognise ‘Survival’ , What’s Bad about it, and how to shift into Compassion. 
  • Understanding the Heart. 5 Heart Qualities for more Resilient Love
  • Defining the Conscious Relationship. How to date, or how to deepen your Conscious love using Heart-centred Meditations
  • Intimacy and tantric basics of Communication
  • What ‘Breathing’ has to do with dating and love. 
  • Listening and the Art of Compassionate Communication
  • If you haven’t written your Instruction Manual yet, let’s start Your Book of Needs  at this Seminar! 

Date: Wednesday 3 February 2016

Time: 6.30 pm – 9.15 pm

Location: Worklifebalance, 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane.

Who: Anyone who wants to love more, fight less, find love. [No previous relationship experience necessary].

Be prepared to: Take notes, ask questions, participate, learn, and laugh. Experience the guided Heart Meditation, put some communications skills into practice and find out why you MUST know your NEEDS for a love-filled life. [It’s not what you think!].

Cost: $75 pre-Valentine’s special [usually $275]

Booking: Click Here.

Your needs: There are chairs and cushions at our venue. You are welcome to bring food, coffee, tea so that you have a relaxed, social, interactive life-changing evening! There is a coffee shop upstairs if you need something, and of course, Paddington, Park Road and Rosalie next door if you want to get something or if you decide to get a coffee after the seminar.

Contact: Susan Wanmer, Relationships coach 0410 570 441

Image shows an attendee with Susan Wanmer, doing a gided meditation for the Vision Board Workshop.

Vision Boards Manifest your Dreams. Workshop.

Got Big Plans? Let’s Manifest them into your life. Do you believe you are the ‘Author of your Life’, the artist who creates, the architect who builds your life? If you believe you can PROACTIVELY help Design your year, and the events that come into your year, then let’s create a tangible and visible manifestion of your deeper desires.

Image shows workshop attendees deep in thought choosing their Visions at the Susan Wanmer 'Manifestation' workshop.
Create a Visible and Tangible Vision for your Year. VisionBoards Manifest your deeper desires!

Bring New Year’s Resolutions to LIFE now that the 2016 Year has settled in! A joy for the senses, an experience that taps you into the deeper part of yourself, at just the right time of year, to set you on the path you desire in your relationship, health, lifestyle, your work….body…

What you Vision, you absolutely Manifest. Design the 2016 of your Desires.

Visualising is essential, manifesting your vision into reality via a vision board or vision book creates action, making it real. The ‘universe’ and your brain reward and recognise actions. Embodying how life is different when you have reached your goals, makes it real for your body and cells.

  • Create the Vision Board, Vision Book, Digital Vision Board of the life you really want.
  • You will embody each step – from the Values that underpin your desires, to the reality of living the life you create in the steps of this Interactive workshop.
  • By the end, you will have accessed your deeper design for your life.
  • Create a real or online Vision Board, or a Vision Book.
  • Identify and rise over [under my expert guidance], potential sabotages that would block your Vision.
  • What you feel, you create –  you will make sure in the 5 key areas of your life, that it is everything you want, by design!

Date: Sunday 31 January 2016. 10 am – 1.30 pm

Location: ‘Worklifebalance’, 1/47 Castlemaine St, Milton, Brisbane

Price: Investment for the Workshop that gives more than just ‘resolutions’:  Discounted -$110.  Book here.

Discount: Know someone who needs to do this? Bring a friend for extra empowerment, and pay just $75 each! I’ll discount it to $150 for two of you.

Bring: Chart paper or book, mags, pics, glue, scissors. I have all of this is you don’t have much to bring! You’re welcome to bring snacks or buy from the Coffee shop above us. You could create using Pinterest online. If so, bring computer and internet connection or ask me about wifi.


Susan WANMER. Kinesiologist. Coach. Yogini

0410 570 441

Image shows a French Magazine cover for Yoga Vitality and Serenity. I photographed this in a peaceful Paris, days before the terror attacks on the city.

How to Create Vitality before Christmas

Checklist of How to Create More Vitality Easily and with Every Day Tips

 Last week, a group of Vitality Warriors gathered with their fearless leader, Brisbane Yogini, Susan Wanmer. The group Mission: Yoga Vitality Challenge. Find a personal Vision. Decrease the Energy ‘zappers’.

The mission ended with a sense of fun and celebration and a desire to share the learnings and summarise benefits to remember, and for all to share. Here’s your free Checklist to the Best Tips used in our Yoga, and throughout the day.

How to Create Vitality 5 Tips Checklist

If Energy is the ability to do what you need to, and a little left over, then Vitality must be the natural catalyst to create Energy. Vitality is about your very lifeforce. ‘Vital’ prioritises your energy, created to fulfill your sense of purpose and a sense of vision. With that, your body finds ways to create or to crave energy so it can fulfill your purpose.

 1. Vision fuels Vitality

Without Vision ‘the People Perish”. What is your Vision? When you operate without vision, Overwhelm sets in and you feel stagnant or blocked. You need to step over and above your current life or ‘Peak’, and set your sights on a bigger goal or vision. What is it – or what could it be for you – if you don’t currently have a vision to inspire you. Your energy meets your needs, so if all you ‘see’ is your everyday life reflected around you, and your imagination is not filled with ‘more’, then your energy decreases. What is bigger than you/ more inspiring/ exciting/ fulfilling or purposeful that your current situation? What do you see when you look towards the end of the year, or into 2016?

 2. Movement Creates Vitality

Just as rubbing sticks together creates a friction and energy, gently moving your body creates a kinetic energy. Here’s the key – in Yoga this week we explored just the right amount of movement through the physical yoga poses. Too much movement – or at the wrong speed zaps your energy, putting you into ‘depletion’ mode. Stick to Yoga poses just at your range of movement, strength, and level of cardio-vascular fitness. This is where you will have the most progress in your Vitality levels. Keep moving!

 3. The ‘Gap’ Creates Vitality

The ‘Gap’ – as the name implies – means inserting a realtime pause in your day. It only needs to be a half-breath long to make outstanding changes for you. When you ‘lock-in’ the steps in a yoga pose for a moment before you move to the next step, that is a way of creating a ‘Gap’ in a moment-by-moment way.

4. Breathing Creates Vitality

Mindful of your breathing, leads you to observe how you are breathing, and if you are holding your breath. Not only do you deprive yourself of the nutrient of oxygen, but breath-holding tightens the diaphragm. Why does that matter? A tight diaphragm signals to the survival part of the brain that you are in danger and your body escalates into a series of ‘survival response’ behaviours.

Step 1. Observe your breathing. Step 2. Breath naturally.

 5. Releasing Tension Creates Vitality

Yoga asana is a training ground for you to recognize when you go into stress habits and ‘lockdown’ your muscles, or brace yourself. Your challenge then, is to go back into your everyday life and observe yourself. Notice how often you tense your muscles. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of people have come back to tell me that they have my voice in their head at home and at work. They hear ‘drop your shoulders’, ‘relax your face’, ‘soften your forehead and tongue’……It’s a little embarrassing – but I’m so glad to see body awareness building to integrate better habits!

Join me for Yoga Vitality Challenge. Casual, 1 or 2 Week Challenge. Click here.


All of these tips can be experienced in a yoga session. In fact, in a yoga pose itself. Start small and do what you can in the moment. It has dramatic effects.

This week in the Vitality Challenge we head into “Playfulness’. Engage your sense of fun and sense of curiosity. Explore news ways of moving, new approaches to yoga poses for increased Vitality. You will gain this not just from the benefits of the pose, but from the mental/ emotional effects of ‘exploration, playfulness, and curiousity’.

In light of the shocking terror attacks in Paris, we will also bring in the yogic concept of Ahimsa [non-violence], and the question of how we can hold calm in the face of challenging paradoxes. There is always more and deeper we can go with Australian Yoga!

Book your spot Casual – or more  – any session or week 16 – 26 November. Click here.