Image shows the sunset at the eco-Yoga luxury retreat, with Susan Wanmer, yogini.

Breathtaking Wellness Weekend

Just home after facilitating “The Minim Rest(r)” Wellness and Work/life Balance Program. Feedback was the the luxury venue nestled into the mountains “took my breath away”. Sometimes it is really important to pull back, let down from the busyness of life, to remember beauty, smell fragrant herbs and flowers, indulge in some radical self-care.


Image shows the luxury eco-mansion whereThe Minim Rest. Work/life balance Coaching by Susan Wanmer was held
The Minim Rest. Work/life balance Coaching by Susan Wanmer


The weird thing is that, sometimes when there is less going on, the body and mind start to unwind and for some part of you, that can feel unusual, or you could feel ‘vulnerable’. However, we flowed through the weekend with plenty of free time, delicious live food and beverages carefully selected to maximise energy and minimise caffeine withdrawal, tiredness or potential headaches.

And, we negotiated ‘vulnerability’ with grace, style  and wisdom. What does that mean? That means than rather than rushing back to the rushing around lifestyle, we were able to pause, to breathe, and to let the other aspects of self speak out….

The outcome? Dreams were hatched…..hearts were connected. Now we begin a new event and a new phase for everyone to see what can hatch when you ‘Pause’. An 8 week “Challenge’ for practical work/life balance tips starts up this week, with a webinar on Wednesday 7 pm. To find out more, contact Susan on 0410 570 441!