Artisan Farming ‘Cooking the Books’ ?

Artisan farmers “Cooking the Books”

If you are a gourmet Foodie, environmentalist, love animals, or yoga enthusiast, this post and this video attached touches on all those elements – and fired me up to share and write. Set in America – this 176 year old farmhouse and land is making a statement for global freedom of choice around food, health, profit.

Sustainable Artisan Organic Farming.
Sustainable Artisan Organic Farming.

Today I saw a post that brought me to tears. It included a sober and factual video from a trained Cordon Bleu chef taking over his family farm in America. What struck me was that the farmer is practicing sustainable farming AND preserving Heritage Breeds of farm animals. His farm will be forced to close if he cannot raise funds to buy his family farm. This is despite the fact he is making a good profit and has customers from around the region buying his traditionally raised and sustainably-farmed meats.

“If the farm survives, I personally pledge to run a Yoga Gourmet Food Retreat there. Foodies and Yoga lovers unite! Imagine what an experience that would be…Cordon Bleu, experience the working Farm, Heritage Breeds, Quality Yoga personalised for an intimate group on the property itself. Susan Wanmer”

Farms, and our food, strike right at the core of our basic essential needs for life, health, and quality of life. His story is that when he applied for a Govt loan, they used a benchmark of ‘Industry Standards’ for profit margins. Someone showing that an individual farm can make money in a traditional way, challenges the corporate, industrialised farming practice that makes enormous amounts of money through sheer volume. This is done at the sacrifice of the animals welfare, loss of traditional ties between farm, animals, land and food, and loss of taste and nutrition.

Remember when farms looked like this picture of mother cow and calf in the field. Support sustainable Artisan farmers.
Remember when farms looked like this?

Industry standard for farming means that the high intensity, factory-farmed systems have become ‘normal’, ‘standard’ practice. Raising pastured animals does not fit their criteria.

Why does that bring me to tears? As a yoga leader, my work is around connecting and re-sensitising people to themselves, their bodies, those around them, and their environment. It is only when re-sensitised that we can feel, have empathy and compassion. Compassion and empathy help guide our choices as humans – what we put in our own bodies, how we eat, how we act, how we treat others.

The fact that his choice to farm in a traditional way is disallowed, disallows our individual rights of choice around this primary need – what we eat. Control of our food choices, shakes the foundations of freedoms.

If government, corporations, or any external force dictates what we must eat, how it is raised/ farmed without consultation, consideration and respect of the individual, they are taking away basic freedoms.

Follow me as I write more about these issues. And comment if there are other places like this you would like to bring awareness to and visit with me.

For the moment, Neil Perrin and his American Artisan Heritage Farm is a symbol for all farms and foods globally that are at risk of being overtaken. His video is on a page that is also set up to request financial support….at the very least watch the video, see the breeds he talks about (there are less in existence than Pandas for some old breeds), and hear the facts.

Here is the link:

Susan Wanmer leads Yoga Retreats, highlights issues that challenge compassion and empathy and trains yoga teachers.
Susan Wanmer Yoga Leader and Trainer

Share if you can, open your heart, support if you are able.

Susan Wanmer