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Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions.

Urgent Legal Appeal for Australian Farm Homestead

URGENT LEGAL APPEAL preceding the auction in a few days…read on…

In Queensland, New South Wales, and Outback Australia, they are 2 years into the worst drought in recorded history. There is much to this story, and you can read more details in Drought Diary here on Susan Wanmer’s blog.

Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions.
Kangaroo trapped in mud due to drought conditions. Certain and Grisly Death.

To fill you in QUICKLY on the personal story, I have linked directly to the historic Mount Morris page. They give their account of the drought, the brutal foreclosure by the bank, and the fact that  their property will be sold under their feet in a few days – unless they can fund a legal case against the bank and on behalf of other farmers in similar situations.

They have made not one single missed payment of the mortgage – the bank has changed the value of the property to being ‘not viable’ and used police to take them off.

Click on the link here to see their story, video, and quick ways to contribute if you are touched:


This is a bigger issue than if you eat steak or not. This touches on property rights, legal rights and the Freedom of Speech to feel unafraid to ask for help when needed.

If this touches your heart and you would like to help, share this post, and give to the “Fighting Fund” they have set up. Even $5 or $10 helps and it can assist setting up a precedent for other farmers and property rights.

Australian Drought – Urgent Legal Help Needed. Click here:

Australian Drought - Urgent Legal Help Needed
Australian Drought – Urgent Legal Help Needed