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Possum symbolises Opportunity?…

Who would believe that a possum would gain a couple of people an extension of discount to the forthcoming Anatomy and physiology Course. Because of the possum stuck in the office’s downpipe, I spent a lot of last eek co-odingating a rescue and wasn’t able to get through my workload.   Truly – see it on Animal Rescue later in the year.

 The possum ended up taking up about 4 days of my week. We ended up with the RSPCA, animal ambulance, plumbers, landlords and a whole heap of interested  neighbours.

It wouldn’t have been so intriguing except that the drainpipe is inside the office. We cut a hole in it to try to save the possum, but then risked the office flooding if it rained (which it hasn’t in Brisbane for a very long time, but did of course that week.  (See the photo and article in Westside News of 4 November, page 4.)

A psychologist who works with me said that in Animal Dreaming, a possum represented Opportunity.

Discount extended for A & P

Due to my lack of computer skills and the number of enquiries for Simon Borg Olivier’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Course, I have had to extend the special offer. Save even more: Due to a technical meltdown, I need to extend the earlybird offer another few days. Those who book and pay by midnight 31 October. Pay only $799. These tickets finish 31 October, or if sold out before that. (07) 3369 7404, This will give me the chance to answer all enquiries when I return from the Womens Retreat this weekend and give people time to pay. If you interested, email or phone me to register your interest, so that you don’t miss out!  (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Simon Borg-Olivier Nov Immersion Teachers, Students.doc

Cost: $857 Full Course, or $457 for  either Weekend A or Weekend B.

Repeaters/ Refreshers: Those who have already attended a 36 hour A & P with Simon receive a 50% discount. Members of YogaSynergy receive a 10% discount. 

0410 570 441. .