How to Teach Yoga to Groups that are outside of your peer group. Join me live at Yoga Fest Brisbane 12 July 2014!

Based on the success of last year’s Yoga Masterclass, you can now experience this content in theory AND in practice, within my Yoga Coaching and Yoga Mentoring packages.

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Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane love teaching!

Groups love, and respond well to, facilitators who are confident and heart-centered. They also need to see that you are real. Authenticity is important. But what do you do if you are authentically shy, not sure about your gig, or don’t know the venue or the group?

Often Corporate work will provide groups for you with less-than-ideal Studio settings and it is up to you to provide the experience of the YOGA you know and love admidst the photocopier noise, people arriving late and under fluoros.

Perhaps you have been asked to run a workshop or a higher-paying wellness initiative that will bring people into your Yoga who have all sorts of body shapes, sizes and issues.  You have approximately 7 minutes to establish rapport that will determine if they return, or joke about it over dinner party chit-chat.

Do you want to see that “I Love Yoga” look on people’s faces…[you know that look don’t you – a sort of smile, glow and shiny happy eyes]. Do you want to know that you could create that look through the experience you offer even if you step outside of people who are regulars at Yoga.

There are a myriad of techniques which combine to make you a successful and safe group facilitator.

  • Your Presence
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Pace
  • Humour
  • Confidence
  • Languaging
  • Articulation [that’s words, not joints!]
  • Volume and speed of your Vocal Cues
  • Learning Styles
  • Hand Gestures [that’s instructing, not mudras!]
  • How you Guage Trust
  • How you Guage Ability
  • Strategies for Speedy Group Risk Management
  • How you Meet Needs of Attendees – spoken and unspoken and much much more.

Are you prepared to be challenged? Are you prepared to have fun stepping up and stepping out of your usual comfort zone and into a more professional way of teaching and instructing.

Why do you think that someone like the talk show host “Ellen” can come on stage and barely move her hips and the crowd goes nuts, and yet a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent can dance her butt off and no-one reacts – it is all about Presence, Confidence and Connection.

“See me in action at the 2014 Yoga Fest in Brisbane: 6 Essential Steps to Breakdown Asanas.  I will present a 45 minute Masterclass which you are welcome to join as a Yoga Teacher audience, or as public audience. We have a chance to break down some yoga poses ‘live’ for the group who turn up on the day.”

Good facilitation is about putting yourself completely aside to be there for your participants. (It is the true nature of ‘service’ 🙂

Teaching a group is not so much about yoga technique, but about connecting to the diverse people you share yoga (or other movement ) with. In coaching and mentoring, I will, however, work on your technique as there are definite ways to tweak your technique for the general public to provide low-risk quality yoga. I can work with you irrespective of your style of yoga or how long you have been teaching. Thanks to my long association with Simon Borg-Olivier and his wealth of knowledge, there are certain key principles that apply to all human bodies, and I can pass some of the fundamentals on to you.

Join the Yoga Fest Masterclass on Saturday 12 July – look for Susan Wanmer on the afternoon timetable. It’s open to anyone: student, just recently qualified, thinking about starting [great way to start], or if you are a veteran. Not based on how ‘good’ your yoga is, how flexible you are, or how long you have been doing yoga, this is based on how much of a good time can you give your group.

Please Contact Susan if you would like to know more about her Yoga Coaching and Yoga Mentoring. Her 20+ years experience and training will give you a solid boost in your own skills, knowledge and confidence. Please note for trainees in my Methodology, you have 6 months of this included: it’s essential to become part of my Susan Wanmer Team of Wellness Instructors – yoga, pilates,  movement of all types.

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