Image shows Susan Wanmer using Yoga skills for Brides, Bridal parties. Posture, Grace, Calm

Relationship Coaching and Events

Don’t let your life be hit and  miss when it comes to Love, Romance…your Wedding. 

I offer a glamorous and unique blend of Yogic skills to help you be the calm and gracious bride through and through.

EVENTS – My special, tailored methodology of Australian Yoga will help you, and equally every member of your Bridal party including Mother-of-the-Bride.

Yoga is part mental and emotional skills, part relaxation techniques, and part physical ‘poses’. With 30 years experience in teaching yoga and stress management, plus being a former lecturer for June Dally-Watkins school of Deportment and Grooming, I have put together a skilful blend of professional offerings to help prepare you, and or to thank your bridal party.  Enjoy your day, the lead up, and the memories you create on the way.

  • Create Great Romance
  • Host a ‘Yoga Party’ for your Bridal Shower
  • Yoga and Champagne – Bridal Party
  • Brides BootCamp!
  • Ritual – Create your Unique Wedding Ritual
  • Relationships Coaching for Men and Women
  • Coaching for Communication, Confidence


COACHING – Relationship to self sets you up for your relationship to others. You take training for other areas of your life where you want to build skills –why not in relationships. I have put the very best of my 30 years experience together into  a top-level training (by top-level I mean really useful!). Relationships follow specific ‘laws’ and these days relationships are fluid – and need to be ‘created’ constantly to stay fresh.  in individuals or couples sessions.

Prepare for Valentine's Day Brisbane, with Susan Wanmer

My Group Coaching on 5 Relationship Pillars suits couples and singles and in fact anyone who would like to resolve difficulties or improve an already good relationship.  If you would like to know how to attract a partner – this can be covered as well.  Whatever your relationship status, it all starts with you.  Getting yourself really clear has to always be step one.

I will take you towards an inner journey that enhances all relationships… contact me for more information  Australia: 0410 570 441. Skype: susan.wanmer

Do you know that Emotional Intelligence has been named the number one factor in determining success in your life?  Apparently it is because the ability to connect to others is more important in this day and age, than your technical know-how.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential key to relating and relating in love and loving relationships.  Increase your LOVE INTELLIGENCE!  Above your intellect and higher than your emotional or social intelligence, is your love intelligence when it comes to building the relationship you want and desire.  To do that you would need to build a conscious relationship – a mindful relationship to use a popular term.

Learn how in an intensive training of the 8 fundamentals along with the communication techniques, the scripts, conflict-resolution, getting your needs met and many more strategies designed to help your situation as specifically as possible.

I will tailor the training to your needs – so you really get a chance to have your questions answered.

Bookings open for singles, couples, part of a couple! Enquire whether I have a spot available for Coaching at the moment.