Cellulite tips!

Ten Best Cellulite Tips  – Your Essential Questionnaire!

Now a Yoga Trainer and Wellness Consultant, I am often asked about ‘toning’ for cellulite. Having worked in Paris in some of the oldest and most traditional Thalassotherapie spas, la cellulite was something spoken about in the hushed sanctums of the treatment rooms.  Cellulite, for most women, will not respond to the modern concept of ‘toning’. Is it ok that I share that blunt truth with you straight up? If you would like to know what we know as professionals in health and beauty, read more for extra info.

Moving back into working for Modelling Agencies [diet and exercise], then into Kinesiology, natural therapies, nutrition, emotions and relationships work, and ultimately Yoga, I have coached hundreds of women – and some men- in and around the topic of cellulite from both a beauty and a health viewpoint. Altogether,  I have been around women and cellulite tips and techniques for over 35 years now!  Ssshhh!! That’s me a few months ago in the photo below.

Beat Cellulite with Susan Wanmer Health Coaching

Beat Cellulite with Susan Wanmer Health Coaching

Susan Wanmer [54 years old] demonstrating Yoga at Ithaca Pool, Paddington, Brisbane.

Cellulite is all about Health!  - The Personalised Approach

There are many reasons for cellulite appearing and the reasons for it are multi-faceted. That means that the ways to deal with it are muli-facedted as well. If you are looking for cellulite solutions and they haven’t worked for you, imagine that you need 12 pieces to the puzzle, and you have perhaps 8 of them, but the outcome will kick in when you find those last 4 pieces. [This is where my Health Coaching/ Lifestyle Coaching works with you individually, and specifically...just saying!].  I will share my Most Popular 10 Best Cellulite Tips Questionnaire below.  These are the essential questions that any solution needs to address. With this answered, you can review your lifestyle and body specifically.

Your approach needs to be ‘inside’ and ‘out’. That means you need to look into the cause of your cellulite as much as you look into its removal. You will need to understand cause and effect ‘what goes in’, and how this influences ‘what goes out’…or ‘stays’…on the body.

Ten Best Cellulite Tips Questionnaire

  1. Are you overweight?
  2. Assuming your cellulite is on your thighs, Is your lower body bigger [proportionally] than your upper body?
  3. Do you move your hips joint area around [for example, in yoga poses for hips]?
  4. Are you adequately hydrated – with clean, pure hydration?
  5. Yes! We have to go there – how are your bowel movements…Every meal…..daily…..?
  6. How would you rate your stress levels? High. Medium….Constant…
  7. Emotions – do you get the chance to express your emotions in a way they are listened to, and validated?
  8. Anger and resentment – specifically looking at these two. Is there anger/ resentment in your life?
  9. Do you move your body – as in, some form of gentle exercise…I’ll suggest yoga because I am biased…or other!
  10. If you look at your diet, how much lifeforce and oxygen does your diet provide you? You could ask yourself how much you get greens into your diet, how processed your foods are, how much fibre you get…
  11. BONUS! – Are you getting enough sleep?

Now what?….Free Tips to overcome Cellulite

Each of the Ten Questions leads to a strategy to improve your Health, Vitality, How you Feel, and How you Look. If you answer the questionnaire and would more information, then comment below with your answer, or email me at mail@susanwanmer.com.au and I will post answers for you. I am quite happy to post a 10 Part Free Series on Cellulite if you are interested.

The more specific you are in your comment or email, the more I will tailor the post for your particular situation – the better answers you get. Remember, comment below, or send me an email. [privacy protected - I will not publish your name, photo, or details, promised]


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Visioning Workshop

This Saturday 24th January 2014 : Design your Life.

Visioning Workshop – Oh, but so much more!

Visualisations, Meditation for Intention, Morphic fields, The Seven Levels of Change, How to bring you Vision and your Physiology together to create and manifest effotless, exciting, and sustainable changes.

What's YOUR Vision?
What’s YOUR Vision
Hello, I’m Susan Wanmer and for this event, I am drawing on over 20 years experience with Kinesiology, yoga, meditation, and personal development training in a unique workshop for embodied visioning. Thousands of my clients have used some or all of these techniques to move forward towards freedom in their desired 8 areas of life and wellbeing.

Choose the medium where you would like to capture your Visioning. Bring any magazines, scissors, pens, textas, glue and paper or chart paper with you to create a Vision Board. If you don’t have any, I have lots of A3 and A4 paper for you and mags as well. If you are adventurous and prefer computer generated images, bring your laptop and connection and you can start your own Vision Board or Vision Movie online.

More than vision boarding which you could do on your own, my specialty is grounding you into reality, so what you will really gain from the workshop is the Embodiment of what is Authentic and Possible for you in Creating a Life of Choice – Your Life by Design.
Did I mention that my bigger specialty is to bring you over the hurdles that might block your vision, or hold you back? That is where my expert facilitation and 30 years experience come in – and why my clients and workshoppers get such great results!

Vision Workshop flyer click here:  https://www.smore.com/cpdp

Master Visioning Workshop. EMBODY and create a Life by Design.

Master Visioning Workshop. EMBODY and create a Life by Design.

Susan Wanmer guides you on a Visioning Workshop

where you will embody, and create results.


  • Choose the medium where you would like to capture your Visioning. Bring any magazines, scissors, pens, textas, glue and paper or chart paper with you to create a Vision Board. If you don’t have any, I have lots of A3 and A4 paper for you and mags as well.
  • If you are adventurous and prefer computer generated images, bring your laptop and connection and you can start your own Vision Board or Vision Movie online. However, more than creating a Vision Board to record your mission, my specialty is grounding you into reality.

What you will really gain from the workshop is the Embodiment of what is Authentic and Possible for you in Creating a Life of Choice – Your Life by Design – Effortlessly.

Did I mention that my bigger specialty is to bring you over the hurdles that might block your vision, or hold you back? That is where my expert facilitation and 30 years experience come in – and why my clients and workshoppers get such great results!

  • Wear comfy clothes as we will be sitting on the floor cutting out pics and moving around for the embodiment and willingness to move forward exercises.Bring a folder or notepad also for capturing snippets of valuable information and notes.
  • You are welcome to bring snacks, hot or cold drinks if you need. There is boiling water and kitchenette at my Studio and a sort of coffee shop upstairs, Fundies and other coffee shops up the road at Paddington

Don’t miss this opportunity, add yourself to the list of attendees directly below, or contact me if you prefer that booking method!

Bookings/ payments directly here

or  61 (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 for details, or mail@susanwanmer.com.au


Masterclass: Teach Corporate and Diverse Groups with Ease!

Masterclass: Teach Corporate and Diverse Groups with Ease!

How to Teach Groups that are outside of your peer group. Groups love, and respond well to, facilitators who are confident and heart-centered. They also need to see that you are real. Authenticity is important. But what do you do if you are authentically shy, not sure about your gig, or don’t know the venue or the group?

Often Corporate work will provide groups for you with less-than-ideal Studio settings and it is up to you to provide the experience of the YOGA you know and love admidst the photocopier noise, people arriving late and under flouros.

Perhaps you have been asked to run a workshop or a higher-paying wellness initiative that will bring people into your Yoga who have all sorts of body shapes, sizes and issues.  You have approximately 7 minutes to establish rapport that will determine if they return, or joke about it over dinner party chit-chat.

Do you want to see that “I Love Yoga” look on people’s faces…[you know that look don't you - a sort of smile, glow and shiny happy eyes]. Do you want to know that you could create that look through the experience you offer even if you step outside of people who are regulars at Yoga.

There are a myriad of techniques which combine to make you a successful and safe group facilitator.

  • Your Presence
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture
  • Pace
  • Humour
  • Confidence
  • Languaging
  • Articulation [that's words, not joints!]
  • Volume and speed of your Vocal Cues
  • Learning Styles
  • Hand Gestures [that's instructing, not mudras!]
  • How you Guage Trust
  • How you Guage Ability
  • Strategies for Speedy Group Risk Management
  • How you Meet Needs of Attendees – spoken and unspoken and much much more.

Are you prepared to be challenged? Are you prepared to have fun stepping up and stepping out of your usual comfort zone and into a more professional way of teaching and instructing.

Why do you think that someone like the talk show host “Ellen” can come on stage and barely move her hips and the crowd goes nuts, and yet a contestant on Australia’s Got Talent can dance her butt off and no-one reacts – it is all about Presence, Confidence and Connection.

Two One-Day Masterclasses combine to form a Weekend of Hands-on Training and Mentoring for Yoga Teachers/ Pilates and movement instructors. This is a rubber-meets-the-road chance to improve your skills and receive feedback and try again until you reach a new level. Safe, fun, challenging, growth-enhancing for you. Good facilitation is about putting yourself completely aside to be there for your participants. It is the true nature of ‘service’ :)

Radically Limited Numbers: It is only open to a small group so we have a chance to work you personally and you can observe others.

This is not about yoga technique, but abut connecting to the diverse people you share yoga (or other movement ) with. I will, however, work on your technique as there are definite ways to tweak your technique for the general public to provide low-risk quality yoga. I can work with you irrespective of your style of yoga or how long you have been teaching. Thanks to my long association with Simon Borg-Olivier and his wealth of knowledge, there are certain key principles that apply to all human bodies, and I can pass some of the fundamentals on to you.

These masterclasses are open to anyone just recently qualified, thinking about starting [great way to start], or if you are a veteran. Not based on how ‘good’ your yoga is, how flexible you are, or how long you have been doing yoga, this is based on how much of a good time can you give your group.


Please Contact us for the next dates. Masterclasses are a boost in your own skills, and essential to become part of the Susan Wanmer Team of Wellness Instructors – yoga, pilates,  movement of all types.


Visioning Workshop – Sunday

Visioning Workshop – this Sunday 17th March with Expert Facilitator, Susan Wanmer

You will be guided through several processes during the Workshop, so that you leave with an Embodiment of your Direction for the year, and the steps to get there. Bring what ever you would like to capture your Vision – paper, mags for pictures, scissors, glue -or you may like to bring your computer and internet connection and create an online board.

Susan Wanmer guldes you on a Visioning Workshop where you will embody , and create results.

Susan Wanmer guides you on a Visioning Workshop where you will embody , and create results.

Choose one aspect of your life that you want results in, and we will do in detail, or go wide and choose an overall direction for your life. Professional or Personal areas can be  worked on.

Click here for more information:

                                Susan Wanmer’s Visioning Workshop Sunday

Susan will use many of her expert Facilitation skills including walking you through the most appropriate level for you  for maximum results. She will draw on The Six       Levels of Change

Date: Sunday 17 March
Time: 1 – 5 pm
Cost: $85

email: mail@susanwanmer.com.au , phone: 0410 570 441

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop!

Not only for yoga teachers, this workshop on Saturday 11 February 2012 is for anyone who needs to hone their professional skills to demonstrate or teach something to a group in an engaging way that inspires them to want more of what you offer!   Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Part of the workshop is a public yoga class offered at 2pm ( invite everyone you know so they can book in - just $8). The class is used to illustrate certain points, but the same techniques are used even if you are a natural therapist who wants to do seminars, or talks to help build your business, or even someone who has a hobby and wants to hold a photo exhibition or something.

Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane Mega Leap Year Special

Yoga Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

Development Days, or Mentoring Days (same content – it differs depending on whether you attend just the workshop, or if you are in my Yoga Coaching, or Yoga Mentoring programs) are about up-skilling you as a person. This is your opportunity to become the most clear, best person you can, so you clients get an uncluttered, vibrant, energised, and confident person creating a safe learning, experiencing environment for them, and delivering great information.

In other words – you know what you have to offer, don’t let lack of presentations skills hold your gift back from people receiving it.

Yoga Teachers’ Professional Presentation Skills Workshop

This Saturday 11 February 11.30 – 5pm workshop, will help you to teach a yoga class if you are just starting, and is not based on your technical skills of yoga (or other modality), but how you present it.

Not to be missed, I am offering a Mega Leap Year Bonus or a two-for-one special. The usual price for this workshop is $175. For the Leap Year Specials, you can attend with a friend for the $175 price – OR, if you attend alone, pay just $95 for the workshop, including the class. Do you know someone who could benefit from  this important training? Pass this info on to them as well!

Love to answer any questions you may have. contact me on (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441, or yogis@susanwanmer.com.au   Susan Wanmer

Yoga Development Day – Group Dynamics

Title: Yoga Development Day – Group Dynamics
Location: Milton Yoga Studio 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga Development Day – Group Dynamics is a half-day workshop to help you with the skills for managing groups and presenting to groups. This is about developing you as a presenter. Setting the emotional tone for a class or workshop, leading with your voice, energy, body. Boundaries, handling rejection, thinking on your feet, and much much more. You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to benefit.
There is also a general level Yoga class in the middle from 2 – 3 pm so we can debrief what we see in reality.
Start Time: 13-00
Date: 2012-01-21
End Time: 17-00

Brisbane Yoga Teacher Training

Brisbane Yoga Teacher Training

Susan Wanmer runs a unique ‘circular training’ or her Brisbane-based Yoga Teacher Training course. Level One is called ‘Grounding” and is appropriate for those who want to learn more about yoga, or those wanting to teach.

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane vivion document

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane love teaching!





Yoga Teacher Training Brisbane

New Years Resolutions that work 2012

New Years Resolutions that work 2012

Location: 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane [Work Life Balance]

New Year. New Resolutions. Get Real. Get authentic, and honour yourself by plotting 2012 from your heart – not the head!*

New Year's Resolutions that work!
New Year’s Resolutions that work!

This Saturday,  7 January, I am combining my Goal/ Vision skills training, with Clare Apelt, Masters in Creative Arts Therapies amongst many other body/mind talents. Clare is facilitating a workshop with me this Saturday 7 January, where she is drawing all her creativity into a New Year Visioning “Playshop”. In putting this together, we decided it would be fun to really enter the journey of the heart, to follow the heart’s compass, and that lead to thinking about Treasures of the Heart….and, well….it had to end up with a personal Treasure Map/ Pirate theme, didn’t it!

While the year is still fresh, get clear about what you don’t want to drag along with you, get clear about what you LOVE and want more of, and let Clare guide you using experiential exercises, drawing, writing, small group exploration, and yoga to create your own personal Treasure Map, plotted for the Year 2012. Yes – you really take home a Map of your year!

Bookings and enquiries through (me) Susan on 3369 7404, 0410 570 41, or email. So we have lots of space for the group on this afternoon of Intention Setting and Visioning, we are using my Milton Yoga Studio plus the 2 seminar rooms of WorkLifeBalance [same building for those who know the Yoga Studio]. You will have time for personal reflection, plus access to your two expert facilitators. *I will also share with you the brain science of what heart is, what head is, and why you need both working as a synchronised team for true health and progress.

If you want to read the post on the WorkLifeBalance site, click here: http://worklifebalance1.com/blog/2012/01/02/new-year-visioning-playful-workshop/

Warm regards, and PS, we have made it very inexpensive and offer a discount if you bring a friend, because the more we are, the more we play – you’ll get to create the vision and the goals for you personally that you can convert to an action plan, but not in a dry format!

Start Time: 13:00
Date: 2012-01-07
End Time: 17:00

Cost: $65 or $99 for couples

Bookings: 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or info@worklifebalance1.com


New Years Resolutions Workshop!

New Years Resolution workshop at Work LIFE Balance Milton

New Years Resolution workshop 29.12.2011

       Title: New Years Resolutions Workshop!
        Location: WORKLIFEBALANCE 47 Castlemaine St Milton, Brisbane
        Description: Perfect time of year to spend a little time working ON your life rather than IN it!

        I will be running this personally- for you – at WORKLIFEBALANCE, MILTON, BRISBANE.
        End of year special, is that I offer you a half price special on the very best of my coaching and group facilitation skills to take you where you want to go in                 e      creating YOUR unique vision for the forthcoming year. It is recommended to check in every year with your values and vision as your life-path unfolds.

        This is so important for everyone at this time of year, that this New Year Resloutions Workshop is discountedto $65  from $147 – less than half price. Then add    the super special for you to do this with a friend or partner – just $99 for 2 people.

       Date: Thursday 29 December 2011 – last chance for the year!

        Start Time: 13:00

        End Time: 17:00

         Location: WorkLIFE Balance 47 Castlemaine St MILTON, Brisbane (on-street parking)

Investment: $147 $65. Two people attend for $99 all up. Plus you invest this precious TIME on yourself.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing for the afternoon. Laptop and broadband access if desired. Paper, pen and colour markers/ pencils. Vision board, business plan, lists, dreams, desires, unfinished goals, ideas, dreams, what you want/ what you don’t want, snacks if desired, tea (there is takeaway coffee upstairs).

How to prepare: Firstly contact Susan Wanmer 3369 7404, mail@susanwanmer.com.au to register interest.

                                       Secondly, if you have time before the workshop, have a think about what you DON’T want in your life, and what you would love more of.


Contact Susan now to book in mail@susanwanmer.com.au or (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Yoga Teaching and Fitness

Yoga Teaching and Fitness

There was a homework question about the 7 safety assessments. They are completely common sense as we won’t be taking people’s blood pressure or measuring BMI body mass index.

If you look at your  Anatomy  & Physiology text page 355 12.5 there is the simple list for you which I have recopied below.  

 Observe the person’s weight, skin colour, mobility etc. Train your eye to observe people as they approach you. Do they sit down heavily? Do they grimace or wince in poses? Do you detect cigarette smoke smell? Is their face pale or red when they exert themselves?SS

Yoga Teaching and Fitness Factors to be considered include:

i) Lifestyle
ii) Blood pressure
iii) Resting heart rate
iv) Amount of body fat
v) Aerobic capacity
vi) Flexibility
vii) Muscle strength

You need to keep these in mind when you are learning, because if the others in your group are similar to you, you won’t think of how to construct the poses for people who are at the more extreme end of the above list.

Static poses and dynamic poses will bring different variables to this mix. Dynamic poses may require more strength, and cardio-vascular fitness. Inversions will affect blood pressure – so will raising the arms and standing up. Be aware of your group and ready to adapt your poses or change direction if need be.

Also look at point 12.4 in your READING A & P Set Text Simon Borg-Oliver

[ To buy go to:     http://anatomy.yogasynergy.com/book/friend/wanmer  ]   page 355, which has another list to keep in mind. This one relates more to injury, loss of muscle tone, loss of range of movement in joints. I have a client with MS at the moment and we check this out to see her functional movement before her monthly YPT sessions.

Looking forward to your comments. ?

++)++1)-?++)++1)-.$ 4;$ *-$ ‘-,’6′,@*(A+$ 3&0+’<*($ 5.-)++$ ‘+$ )++)-.’*($ ;4/$ .&)$ +*;)$ 3/)+</’3.’4-$ 4;$ *-0$ ):)/<’+)$ 3/4″/*11)B$
Factors to be considered include:
i) Lifestyle
ii) Blood pressure
iii) Resting heart rate
iv) Amount of body fat
v) Aerobic capacity
vi) Flexibility
vii) Muscle strength.$ 4;$ *-$ ‘-,’6′,@*(A+$ 3&0+’<*($ 5.-)++$ ‘+$ )++)-.’*($ ;4/$ .&)$ +*;)$ 3/)+</’3.’4-$ 4;$ *-0$ ):)/<’+)$ 3/4″/*11)B$
Factors to be considered include:
i) Lifestyle
ii) Blood pressure
iii) Resting heart rate
iv) Amount of body fat
v) Aerobic capacity
vi) Flexibility
vii) Muscle strengthTESTING



Yoga Teaching and Fitness

Factors to be considered include: 

i) Lifestyle 

ii) Blood pressure 

iii) Resting heart rate 

iv) Amount of body fat 

v) Aerobic capacity 

vi) Flexibility 

vii) Muscle strength 




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Yoga Health Weekend Workshop

Yoga Health Weekend Workshop

  • Yoga Health Weekend Workshop

    Like to learn easy postures that you can use to keep in good health?

  • Like to know how you can use Yoga to keep you well?
  • Like to keep easy yoga poses in your ‘first aid kit’ so that you can ward off sickness before it hits?
  • Keen to find poses that don’t require much energy, but target certain areas specifically?

Then join me this weekend for Yoga Recup at my Milton Yoga Studio.

There is a part for Yoga Teacher trainees and a part for the General Public to attend.

 Details for  Yoga Health Weekend Workshop

If you have never done yoga before you are welcome to attend as these poses are easily achieved and can be modified for anyone. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at yoga to feel enormous benefits.

If you are unwell, managing health difficulties, this particular weekend could be life-changing for you.

Contact me if you would like to book in or check if it would be suitable for you, or someone you know.

Susan Wanmer (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

“Yoga Recup” Yoga Poses for Health, Energy, Organs, Pain, Digestion, Recuperation

Title: “Yoga Recup” Yoga Poses for Health, Energy, Organs, Pain, Digestion, Recuperation

Yoga for Health Learn Yoga Poses to stay healthy

Yoga for Health Secrets - YogaRecup Weekend Workshop

Location: Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga Workshop essential to your toolbox. This is a group of Susan Wanmer ‘Signature Postures’ in her ‘Signature Style’.

Learn the poses that Susan has successfully used with herself, her family, and ‘prescribed’ to others for 20 years as an alternative to medical alternatives. A stand-alone weekend workshop of yoga-as-a-therapy, or part of the Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training, this is a not to be missed weekend!

If you would like to use Yoga to recuperative, to stay healthy and to ward off common ‘illnesses’ – irrespective of your size, weight, flexibility, strength or physical ability, you will love to add this to your medicine chest of tools as a ‘barefoot doctor’.

Yoga Teacher Training? Full Basic 205 hours at 2010 prices, around $2600. Weekend workshop? 14 hours $275. Phone Susan on 0410 570 441 or yogis@susanwanmer.com.au. Easy!
Start Date: Saturday 17 September 2011

Start Time: 10am – 5 pm

End Date: Sunday 18 September 2011

Time: 9.30 am – 4.30pm

We lunch for 1 hour at Fundies Paddington. Contact Susan on 0401 570 5441 or yogis@susanwanmer.com.au for more information, or to book in for this extraordinary weekend of Classical and Australian Yoga.

Explore Chakras

Learn yoga chakra workshop

Title: Explore the Nature of Human Chakras
Location: Milton Yoga Studio is inside ‘Work Life Balance1′ which is at 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton
Description: A lovely afternoon of Nei Qi Gong indulgence at my Yoga Studio in Milton. Ravikesh Singh Singh and Nei Qi-Gong teacher Karen Reid present an afternoon featuring Indo-Japanese improvisation, meditation, traditional Indian music and authentic Indian nibbles for an unbelievably low price!

Just $12 each, or $20 a couple. The seminar will provide a variety of demonstrations where everyone can safely explore the chakra/ s most consciously available to them.
As well as interactive demos, you will learn explanations on how we can access organic support to further develop our energetic resources.
The feedback so far has been that its easily understood and not in the least mystifying.

Karen writes “in explaining these things, I’ve found unless we have an experience of this type of exercise it is difficult to go on words alone – hence Nei Qi Gong is hardly ever mentioned by Masters writing about Qi Gong”.

Easy on street parking for this event on Saturday 25 June 2011. Bring a friend – we supply everything else. Enquiries are welcome and bookings are essential for catering.

Phone Karen Reid on 0400634485.

Start Time: 15:00
Date: Saturday 25 June – This Saturday!

End Time: 18:00

Yoga Teaching update 2011

learn to be a yoga teacher in Brisbane, with Susan Wanmer

Yoga trainees…..

Yoga Teacher Training update 2011 in case you are wondering about my silence. I have 4 areas of professional development that I was working on last year, but the flood has wiped out my free time and free thinking. I won’t hide the fact that not the flood, but the months of uncertainty and loss of control following have had a very big effect on me.

 I have been staying true to my feminine and taking small steps as I am able. The Studio itself has been open for a few weeks now, and this week I ran my first Yoga BootCamp for the year as I finally felt strength enough physically, mentally and emotionally, to take on a group again.

 This period of time has driven me back to basics. For months, my body has ached from the lack of movement combined with stress. I could feel the muscles, fascia and everything tightening due to stress and was unable to do more to prevent it. I was able to mentally note my body adapting to the new lifestyle, but couldn’t do more physical asanas. I was able to go back to my yamas and niyamas and observe how I responded. I was able to meditate and give myself strength and stability in the face of uncertainty and chaos. I was able to do joint mobilisation and subtle movements for the spine and whole body which kept me afloat.

 Yoga Bootcamp heading into week two, I feel strong, buoyant, and able to schedule around my PD commitments interstate. I have also been reworking the Yoga Teacher Training manual, competencies, and structure ever since I’ve had the new computer.

 So there hasn’t been much apparent movement, but lots happening under the surface! Stay tuned – or send me a smessage as I am rebuilding all my records from scratch.

I have set myself the goal of having sme of the Yoga Teacher Training modules scheduled bythe new financial year 0from 1 July). Itrust you are well, and have received my email about the Tuesday and Thursday class opportunities at Milton Yoga Studio.

Yoga Mini BootCamp week two

Title: Yoga Mini BootCamp week two
Location: Milton Yoga Studio
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga Mini BootCamp graduates Thursday 20 January.
What a great way to start your yoga year! Numbers limited in BootCamps and they fill up quickly. This Yoga BootCamp has closed for bookings, but contact us to express interest for the next BootCamp (07) 3369 7404.
Start Date: 2011-01-17
Start Time: 05:58
End Date: 2011-01-20
End Time: 07:00

Yoga BootCamp group signon

Title: Yoga BootCamp group signon
Location: Milton Yoga Studio
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga Group Sign-on is the essential key to the success of the Yoga BootCamp. Booking now for Satuday 8th January 12.30pm (1hour). If you absolutely cannot make this time but want to attend, call Susan 0410 570 441 to make a different time if you want to start Monday 10th or Tuesday.
Start Time: 12.30
Date: 2011-01-08
End Time: 13.30

Yoga of Relationships “Yoga Bliss”

Yoga of Relationships “Yoga Bliss”

This beautiful weekend is held December 2010, and will run again early in 2012. Please ask for the dates for 2012 if you missed 2010.

This weekend touches your toe into the more mystical elements of yoga and tantra. Ultimately, yoga is about connection – to self and to the greater picture of the universe. Over two days we will explore relationships using yoga poses to make the connections tangible, moving into the breath connection to self and then self to others. Yoga, used in a balanced way is a template for deep and intimate relationships. Come and learn to teach, or come and learn how to make your own body healthy, and to connect in a calm, serene life.

(07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441  yogis@susanwanmer.com.au

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

I am often asked what sort of yoga I teach, and often critised by people for being too physical in my approach, or too spiritual depending on the person’s belief systems. Unravelling yoga and the teaching of yoga is not an easy task and one that I take seriously.

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training - awareness

This post is simply to provide a link to an article on chakras that is quite clearly explained. I do believe strongly that ancient traditions should be taken seriously and that certain practices exist for a reason – even if they don’t make sense to us.

Yoga – physical or spiritual?

An excerpt from the article is quite sobering:   “ According to much contemporary spiritual literature, and the field of Transpersonal Psychology, it is not considered wise to engage in any of these practices without the guidance of a credible teacher or without thorough psychological preparation and education in yoga. Any form of intense contemplative or spiritual practice without the support of a cultural context, or without the support of thorough psychological preparation, is usually considered to be unfortunate, and in some cases even dangerous. ”

“Traditional teachers of kundalini meditation also warn neophytes of the potential dangers of experimenting with kundalini Yoga techniques. These warnings should not be underestimated. A growing body of clinical and psychological literature notes the growing occurrence of meditation-related problems in Western contemplative life. Among these we find the Kundalini Syndrome (which is presented more closely later in this article) and different forms of “wind illness” described in the Tibetan tradition.”

Yoga and chakras

Western technology eventually catches up with Eastern understanding, and in the 1980s, two machines were developed to measure and verify meridians and chakras in the body. The books which followed these studies by Japanese scientist Motoyoma help us as yoga practitioners to make informed choices when deciding for ourselves what to include and what to exclude from our practice.

For the rest of the article, click here: http://www.crystalinks.com/kundalini.html

Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher Training will encourage you to look at the big picture, become informed, place your yoga in the context of where you are and respect the traditional lineage. This is a serious post, the training takes place in weekend modules where we equally have a lot of fun whilst learning. 

yogis@susanwanmer.com.au for more info about the 205 – 350 hour yoga training. You can start any month.

Susan Wanmer’s Yoga and WorkLifeBalance

WorkLifeBalance Studio - small groups room

WorkLifeBalance Studio - small groups room

WorkLifeBalance Studio Hire 1,47 Castlemaine St Milton

WorkLifeBalance Studio Hire 1,47 Castlemaine St Milton

Susan Wanmer Studio, Seminar or Yoga room

Susan Wanmer’s Consultancy and Yoga Studio at Milton are heading into the sixth year, and she needs to bring more people in as she can’t keep up with the requests.

There are many opportunities to fill the timetable, as people are looking for yoga and work/life balance related services (and stress management), and the studio room and small groups room aren’t always being used all the time.

If you are interested in bringing your skills into a fully equipped yoga studio (20 of everything: bolsters, mats, blocks, straps, blankets, broomsticks, folding chairs and more, plus wall ropes), please get in touch.

There is also interest in courses run for 3 – 4 weeks in the evenings/ luchtimes/ mornings on stress management, any work/life balance topic, relaxation, self-help and related areas.

Looking to create a synergistic hub where the websites, noticeboard and street frontage offer a wide range of constant sources of information and care for the clientele. Think of the Relaxation Centre in Brisbane – a little in that style.

Susan’s contact is (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 mail@susanwanmer.com.au. If you are not from Brisbane to use the consultancy regularly, there are practitioners who use the rooms once a week to see clients, or run an annual or bi-annual event through the studio.

Love to hear from you. Susan

Yoga Bliss. Weekend Workshop

Yoga Bliss weekend workshop

Yoga of Relationships weekend workshop on next weekend.

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

YOGA Simon Borg-Olivier

Anatomy and Physiology with Simon Borg-Olivier [YogaSynergy] in Brisbane this weekend 12 – 14 November and next weekend 19 – 21 November!

Attend the two Anatomy and Physiology Immersions (18 hours for each weekend – they are separate – you don’t have to attend the first to attend the second) in Brisbane.

And/ or come to any of the 5 days of workshops ‘Inside Simon’s Personal Practice’ Yoga Intensive in Byron Bay. You can do as little as a day session in Byron (3.5 hours), or combine a weekend training in Brisbane with Byron. Whatever you do – don’t miss him. His events with me in Brisbane are uniquely different from his offerings anywhere else on the planet. November 12 – 14 and 19 – 21 for Brisbane Anatomy and 15 – 19 for Byron Bay.

There are more details and map for the venue on these posts http://susanwanmer.com.au/category/simon-borg-olivier-anatomy-and-physiology-yoga-teacher-training/

Learn secrets of anatomy to build strength, stretch and stay injury-free

FLYER:   Secrets of Yoga Intensives

2010 – places available now (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 or synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

Simon Borg-Olivier Byron Bay Yoga Intensive Venue Map

Simon Borg-Olivier Byron Bay Yoga Intensive Venue Map

This is the homepage for the ‘Temple Byron’ website. See Simon Borg-Olivier’s flyer and click on this link for their local street map. Share it with friends:


Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology Brisbane Venue Map

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology Brisbane Venue Map

Despite what the info says, for us there may be limited parking around the back of the building. Driving or walking, come to the back of the building and up the stairs to Studio 2 which gives access via the verandah. There is no parking at the front of the building – staff only. Susan

Click on the link below for the Old Museum Building map. Remember you access our studio at the back of the building.


Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Byron Bay

Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Byron Bay

Simon will be teaching his Yoga Synergy 5 Elements vinyasas (routines) in Byron from Monday 15 – 19 November 2010.

If you want info about Byron click on this link for the pdf copy of the local paper. Check out Simon’s ad for Byron on page 15!  http://www.echo.net.au/archives/full_versions/Echo_25_23.pdf

If you have booked in with me already, I am preparing a kit with your ticket, the address, times, mudmap and a little more detail.

If your not sure – contact me, otherwise I am on to it and you will hopefully receive your info wednesday.

(07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Susan Wanmer

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology ‘what to bring’

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology weekends ‘what to bring’

   Simon Borg-Olivier. Yoga. Brisbane, Byron Bay                      

Brisbane Anatomy and Physiology Immersion 

usual yoga gear and mat

if you are a note taker, bring your notebook. Simon will provide a summary of key points.

bolster/ cushion for sitting on the floor 

if you can’t bring stuff, please let us know so we can bring gear from the Yoga Studio

food for lunch and if you need snacks, bring them. Simon won’t really stop for breaks other than lunch!

lunch break will be 1.5 hours except Sunday 14th because of Yoga Aid

Socks, light covering for temperature changes – clothing you can peel off (you know, the usual)

Simon Borg-Olivier a short video

If you are wanting to get a feel for Simon and his style of teaching, watch this short video with Bianca Machliss from YogaSynergy. You will see Simon demonstrating both the beginner and some of the advanced yoga that you can experience over the next couple of weeks in Brisbane.

Book in for  Secrets of Yoga Intensives with Simon Borg-Olivier


Simon Borg-Olivier slows his Heartrate

Simon Borg-Olivier will inspire, inform and entertain you in this video clip. See him talk about creating more relaxation and strength, and watch him demonstrate advanced yoga poses at the end of the clip.


Simon Borg-Olivier at his most educational and his genuine passion for teaching and sharing the wonders of the human body. See him at his best where he gives the facts of anatomy and physiology demonstrating relaxation, breathing, strength, slowing his heart rate down from 88 beats to about 33 and much more. But the gift is the simple way he demonstrates, the fact that he IS walking anatomy – you can see it live by watching Simon’s body, and his wonderful sense of humour.

Simon Borg-Olivier LIVE in Brisbane and Byron Bay starting Friday 14 November. Don’t miss him!

      Simon Borg Olivier’s Secrets of Yoga Intensives

             Simon Borg-Olivier slows his heartrate                         Bookings: http://miltonyogastudio.com.au/pay-online/ or contact Susan directly

Enquiries: synergy@susanwanmer.com.au (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Thanks to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for posting this clip for us to share.

Simon Borg-Olivier Times and addresses

Simon Borg-Olivier. Yoga. Brisbane, Byron Bay

Click on the link for addresses of Old Museum Brisbane, and Temple Byron.
Remember that attendees for the two weekends, or the full package are having dinner with Simon at the Old Museum 6 – 9pm!

Learn Anatomy. Yoga Vinyasa Simon Borg-Olivier

Brisbane Times change:

Sunday 14th the Immersion will start at 9.30 am so Simon can attend Yoga Aid first. You are welcome to join in and we can organise transport if you are from out-of-town. Or we’ll see you at Old Museum.

Simon Borg-Olivier. Yoga. Brisbane, Byron Bay

Simon Borg-Olivier. Yoga. Brisbane, Byron Bay

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology mascot

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology mascot

Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology mascot


Check out the posts here for details on Simon Borg-Olivier in Brisbane, presenting Anatomy and Physiology, and Byron bay Vinyasas. The Simon category will have all your details, addresses, times and any changes we need to let you know about. You can also join the facebook fanpage 


Western Loneliness

“No-one would ever be lonely”…Kevin McCloud, slums of Mumbai.In contrast to the density of people in the slums of India, the trend in the West and particularly Australia has risen to 24.3% for single person households.

http://www.infolink.com.au/c/BIS-Shrapnel/Number-of-single-person-households-increasing-despite-rising-rents-and-high-house-prices-n775407  Belle-soeur

Couldn’t Put It Down

Unbelieveable story! Shantaram is the story of Australian Gregory David Roberts who was sentenced to 19 years in jail, escapes to India and lives in the slums. Love it or leave it, I recommend you beg borrow or steal to get this one. Warning – big books can knock you out if you read in bed!  http://search.conduit.com/Results.aspx?q=Shantaram&SearchSourceOrigin=10&hl=en&SelfSearch=1&ctid=CT2642702


Shantaram – Slumming It

Shantaram author got it right! Saw a
fascinating documentary last night on ABC TV when architect Kevin McCloud  ventured into the slums of  Mumbai . Vivid scenes of rats and filth – but such happy people!  View more http://www.abc.net.au/iview/?WT.srch=1&WT.mc_id=CORP_srch_iview&gclid=CM2SkInm8aQCFQvPbgodRklezw


Anatomy and Physiology for yoga/ pilates/ therapists

Wondering what would you gain by attending one, or both weekends interactive seminars where you can observe or particate in the interactive learning? Click on the link to the attached table for easy points, then contact us for more info or to book in.

Anatomy Weekends Nov – What you will gain

The best Human anatomy and Physiology of Yoga text on the planet!

What would you gain by attending one, or both weekends interactive seminars where you can observe or particate in the interactive learning? See the attached table for easy points, then contact us for more info or to book in. Anatomy and Physiology of yoga. Milton Yoga Studio Takes your secure bookings 3369 7404, 0410 570 441

Attend the expert 36 hour anatomy and Physiology with Simon Borg Olivier 12 – 14 and 19 – 21 November http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brisbane-Australia/Simon-Borg-Olivier-A-P-Brisbane/147198225315629?v=app_2344061033

Yoga Spring BootCamp starts from Monday

Group sign-on session starts Monday 6.30pm for the 6 am team.
12 session over 3 weeks. 3369 7404. bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

Yoga ‘guru’ Simon Borg-Olivier

YOGA!. Simon Borg-Olivier Anatomy and Physiology Brisbane Byron Bay Yoga guru – I might be criticised for calling Simon Borg-Olivier a Yoga guru, so in case that is contoversial to hear me say that, let me re-iterate my thoughts from an article published a couple of years ago when I called Simon one of Australia’s ‘National Living Treasures of Yoga’. Like to know my reasons? Email me, or comment on my sites and I will tell you why. mail@susanwanmer.com.au

PS – Simon would NEVER call himself that! Simon has agreed to join me in Brisbane and present Applied Anatomy and Pysiology of Yoga Intensive over two weekends (36 hour intensive) plus a 5-day Intensive at Byron Bay between. Attend one, or both locations.

Yoga Teacher Training – your set texts

Hello trainees!

I will provide course notes for every module and give you links to pertinent information on the web. There are two set texts for your Yoga Training. One is the best YOGA  Anatomy and Physiology book on the planet and it was authored here in Australia by Simon Borg-Olivier and Biance Machliss.

Best way to purchase it is directly through their site  http://anatomy.yogasynergy.com/book     It is available both as hard copy and pdf – I have both and use them differently. Thanks to my students who wanted to buy directly from them rather than through Amazon – yes the price is the same and thank you for your desire to honour the authors and put the money back to dedicated Australian yogis who did so much research for us.


The second is The Kybalion. You can buy the hard copy [make sure you get the original by the three initiates published in 1912], or you can see it online at this site in English:


When you attend the YogaPhil module, I will direct you more specifically to Indian traditional texts.

Who Is Simon Borg-Olivier?


Based in Sydney, Simon runs Yoga Synergy, established in 1984 – one of Sydney’s largest and most respected yoga schools. In fact, the Yoga Synergy style has emerged as a uniquely Australian style and the largest ‘style’ of yoga in Australia.

Simon’s scope of knowledge enables him to instruct classes for beginners to advanced students based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional hatha yoga.

This Yoga Synergy style has been developed over 30 years by physiotherapists (physical therapists), Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, and continues to develop as yoga becomes more and more popular in the west. They describe the Yoga Synergy effect like “a flowing self-massage, that is very effective in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, internal health, energy, grace, meditative bliss and the ability to deal with stress.” Simon’s passion as he lectures and teaches internationally is his specialisation of adapting the traditional Indian teachings safely to the western body.

The Yoga Synergy system incorporates all the asanas (postures or poses), vinyasas (exercises) and pranayama (breathing control) used in the main yoga styles as well as special execises developed from those we use in daily life. Simon runs special workshops and courses for regular students and for Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Byron Bay and Adelaide as well as internationally in places such as Ubud (Bali), Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia and occasionally in Europe in America. He regularly contributes to the Australian Yoga Life Magazine and the Australian Yoga Journal.

Simon will be in Brisbane presenting two weekend seminars 12 – 14 November and 19 – 21 November on safety and skill in yoga from beginner level right up to advanced teacher level. [There are no pre-requisites to attend either weekend.] Tickets are available for his Brisbane events.  Open to anyone – no previous yoga required. Just an interest in intelligent exercise – correct use of the body through understanding the anatomy and physiology of good alignment in yoga suits pilates instructors, personal trainers, musculo-skeletal therapists as well. Enquiries: (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441. synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

Or you can catch Simon at Byron Bay 15 – 19 November 2010 doing daily yoga workshops (some previous yoga required/ recommended). Attend 1 up to 5 days. same contact details as above.

All tickets can be bought directly by clicking on our secure site below:


Relationships Weekend

Love is something that needs work and some people are lucky enough to have the skills for an intimate relationship – and others need to learn the skills they didn’t gain through childhood. One of the most interesting aspects of building a conscious relationship is that the laws which govern your relationships are as strong as the laws of nature.

Once you understand them, you can use them to your advantage to build a deeper relationship. Spend two glorious days workshopping at Gunnebah Retreat all accom and and organic food, complimentary yoga sessions included.

Spiritual texts – The Kybalion

For those of you who are scared of your spiritual self, I sum it up broadly as the sum total of the part of you that is not your physical, or mental, or emotional self. In kinesiology we called that the Essential self, or the X -factor meaning [stuff we can't name - that was before the tv series].

In the Yoga Training we honour the lineage that has come through India and the influence of china and the martial arts – but we need to contextualise that in history and integrate that understanding into the whole planet. So, I have chosen the Kybalion as a set text as it contains 7 Principles which you can find in nature. If you can find it in nature, you will find reference to it in all religions, all cultures, all nationalities, all eras.

Plus - our new age, western spiritually lacks the anchor of traditional and I think it is important to ground our sprirituality. So, for the Susan Wanmer school to go forward with a congruent set of ethics which are inclusive of others and differing beliefs, there needs to be some kind of common denominator. In the Yoga Teacher Training program, you will be lead to the traditional and sacred texts that are the root of the yogic tradition. The Kybalion will take you back even further.

For this reason the Kybalion – Seven Principles has been chosen as an essential text as its seven principles are found in all religions, living and dead.   You can buy it as hard copy through Amazon, or you can find a free version of the original in English:

 http://fliiby.com/file/242518/r3xit5n7tg.html   .    By the way, whether you are part of my Yoga Teacher Training or not – if you agree or disagree with me, please feel free to leave your comment, won’t you.


YOGA: Simon Borg-Olivier Interactive Anatomy and Physiology Weekend A


While this site is undergoing renovation please click on to my Yoga Studio site for info + BOOKINGS about Simon Borg-Olivier’S  IMMERSION: Anatomy and Physiology Weekends http://www.miltonyogastudio.com.au/pay-online/  (scroll to bottom of the list of events)

Location: The Old Museum, Gregory Tce Bowen Hills, Brisbane Australia. International and interstate attendees welcome.
Link out: Click here
Pre-release tickets available for the whole 36 hours, or Weekend A or B now at the Super Earlybird price. Save $150. (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441. If you email, you can write to synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

YOGA Mega Workshop “99 Tips for $99″

Title: YOGA Mega Workshop – “99 Tips for $99″
Location: Milton Yoga Studio 1/47 Castlemaine St Milton Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga teaches you a way for Personal Transformation. The first in a series of 14 weekend modules designed to guide you towards Self-Mastery using YOGA. Saturday 17 April 10am –3 pm.

Discover lots and lots of tips to use for yoga stretch, strength, relaxation, increased vitality, pain relief, strong back and abs, core stability, sanity, emotional calm, wellness, breathing, meditation and all the good stuff in one easy bundle. More info available also on the next 13 modules. Self-mastery for you or to culminate in a certificate in Yoga Teacher Training through Susan Wanmer Yoga. (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441.

Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2010-04-17
End Time: 15:00

Yoga Workshop – “99 Tips for $99″ Module 1

Title: Yoga Workshop – “99 Tips for $99″ Module 1
Location: Milton Yoga Studio
Link out: Click here
Description: Yoga Workshop in a tidy bundle! I am using poetic licence here as there are not actually 99 tips – but – I will take you through significant areas of YOGA and give you the most important focuses for each. Over 5 hours you will touch on Stretch, Strength, Relaxation, Meditation, Core Strength and Stability, Breathing, Abdominal Stength, Pain relief for the back and neck, and much, much more. This is the first in a series of 14 workshops this year which are open to everyone. Do all 14 and the competency testing, and qualify as a trained Susan Wanmer Yoga Teacher.
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2010-04-17
End Time: 15:00

Yoga your Relationships

Don’t miss my first in the series of real-ationships talks on Friday 12 Feb. Yoga your Relationships is an interactive stytle seminar for all. No previous experience in yoga or relationships required.

Click here for the pdf:  Yoga your Realationships!

Join in for Book Club

2010 will be the year where we can share books that we are passionate about. As I discuss the books which have been favourites for me, and that my clients have strongly recommended, they will appear in these posts. Please feel free to share in my Book Club!

Susan.  PS I am re-reading the Dance of Anger – Harriet Lerner  excellant!

Yoga and Me

Susan Wanmer yoga teacher training coming soon! For more information contact Susan on 07 3369 7404 or email yogis@susanwanmer.com.au

My Yoga

I realised not Salutation (Day 78)long ago that I am lucky to have been influenced by some of the best yoga teachers in the world, and their disciples. I have done intensives and workshops with Simon Borg-Olivier, Donna Farhi, Peter Scott to name just three.

Sutra-based approach to A & P

Simon Borg-Olivier’s Brisbane Program begins this Friday 6 November. Simon Borg-Olivier Bris A&P programs 09

Living the Learning experience of A & PWeekend A 6-8th November, Weekend B 13-15th November 2009. Tickets available or enquiries,

click here synergy@susanwanmer.com.au (07) 3369 7404,

0410 570 441.

Yoga for strong muscles, healthy body

New mini-seminars for the next 2 Friday nights with Simon Borg-Olivier here in Brisbane. If you can’t attend the full weekends, why not bring a friend for the simple 3 hour seminars?

Simon Borg-Olivier Brisbane program       Simon Borg-Olivier mini-seminars

Possum symbolises Opportunity?…

Who would believe that a possum would gain a couple of people an extension of discount to the forthcoming Anatomy and physiology Course. Because of the possum stuck in the office’s downpipe, I spent a lot of last eek co-odingating a rescue and wasn’t able to get through my workload.   Truly – see it on Animal Rescue later in the year.

 The possum ended up taking up about 4 days of my week. We ended up with the RSPCA, animal ambulance, plumbers, landlords and a whole heap of interested  neighbours.

It wouldn’t have been so intriguing except that the drainpipe is inside the office. We cut a hole in it to try to save the possum, but then risked the office flooding if it rained (which it hasn’t in Brisbane for a very long time, but did of course that week.  (See the photo and article in Westside News of 4 November, page 4.)

A psychologist who works with me said that in Animal Dreaming, a possum represented Opportunity.

Discount extended for A & P

Due to my lack of computer skills and the number of enquiries for Simon Borg Olivier’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Course, I have had to extend the special offer. Save even more: Due to a technical meltdown, I need to extend the earlybird offer another few days. Those who book and pay by midnight 31 October. Pay only $799. These tickets finish 31 October, or if sold out before that. (07) 3369 7404, This will give me the chance to answer all enquiries when I return from the Womens Retreat this weekend and give people time to pay. If you interested, email or phone me to register your interest, so that you don’t miss out!  (07) 3369 7404, 0410 570 441 synergy@susanwanmer.com.au

Simon Borg-Olivier Nov Immersion Teachers, Students.doc

Cost: $857 Full Course, or $457 for  either Weekend A or Weekend B.

Repeaters/ Refreshers: Those who have already attended a 36 hour A & P with Simon receive a 50% discount. Members of YogaSynergy receive a 10% discount. 

0410 570 441. synergy@susanwanmer.com.au .

Yoga – Gain flexibility in 3 weeks!

We are gathering recruits this week for the ‘Yoga Flexibility BootCamp” (not as bad as it sounds to be run through Milton Yoga Studio starting Monday 6 July. Click on the flyer a couple of times and contact us to join Susan in a common-sense program to build fitness and flexibility using the best and most popular yoga moves.

we give you great results in yoga

we give you great results in yoga

Flexibility with Yoga ‘BootCamp!

A unique way to start yoga, or to build your flexibility… and not as radical as it sounds!

There is just one week left for sign-on in our ‘Flexibility Intensive’. Every so often we put together a magnificent combination of postures for a 3-week program and this is one of those times.

Yoga Intensive (BootCamp) runs for 3 weeks from July 6 at 6 am. We offer you 12 sessions, but you can choose your favourite days to attend. It is a whole program including a goal-psetting for your body, so you will need to sign-on by 4 July so that you can attend your individual appointment gooing through range of movement and familiarising you with some of the postures.

Sometimes in Yoga BootCamp we focus on stronger ‘power’ postures, but this one fits right in with the time of year and will push the circulation through your body and joints to warm, limber and dramatically increase your flexibility – so this will suit all levels all ages as it will not require muscle strength or muscle flexibility beforehand to attend. Plus it’s great to work in a team and Yoga ‘BootCamps’ are a lot of fun.
3369 7404 or bootcamps@miltonyogastudio.com.au

Healthy Eating, Wellness, Lose Weight

 This Monday 18 May start your 6 part ‘Healthy Eating/ Weight Loss Program’  3369 7404 for details, or mail@susanwanmer.com.au

Autumn special all inclusive program plus folder plus personal tracking of your eating and feedback – $457

  1. Bring a friend who has never been to one of my events before, and they pay ONLY $20!

  2. Existing client? Come with another client, and the second person pays only 50%.

Yoga for your Back and Spine!

Avoid Back pain/ Decrease Back pain - simply
Avoid Back pain/ Decrease Back pain – simply

This Saturday – specially designed poses for all to attend. If you want to increase flexibility, or have problems with your back or hips – this is a wonderful way to improve your body. Phone 0410 570 441,  or 3369 7404 for bookings or enquiries – we would love to help!